Warm up this June 10th on Iced Tea Day

We love tea here at InnerOrigin and want to share our organic teas to get you through Winter. All our natural, herbal teas have health benefits and are calorie free. Tea contains antioxidants, has calming qualities, helps with weight loss, increases immunity, soothes the digestive system, and has detoxing abilities. Our Bodhi loose-leaf tea range are perfect for any time of the year to make both hot and iced tea.

Tea is both comforting and healthy and we encourage you to celebrate Iced Tea Day on June 10 with us. Herbal tea is more effective in winter than any other time of the year. Our tea helps you to get you out of that winter slump, reduce colds and seasonal affective disorder.

Warm up your body and soul this winter with our 5 best Bodhi teas:

1. ImmuniTEA

A rejuvenating and healing tea with a lovely light earthy flavour with hints of mint and lemongrass, ideal for anytime of the day. ImmuniTEA contains certified organic Echinacea to help with immunity and defence against colds.

2.  PuriTEA

This delicious cleansing tea has fresh grassy notes with delicate floral and berry undertones. Filled with organic schisandra and calendula, PuriTEA has detoxing qualities to support a healthy liver and promote weight loss.

3.  VitaliTEA

An invigorating tea, exceptionally uplifting with organic peppermint and soft orange and ginger undertones with revitalising qualities. VitaliTEA improved is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that improves overall health, brain function and kills bacteria.

4. SereniTEA

This is a wonderful soothing tea with delicate, earthy and floral notes. Touches of lemon and spearmint give a delightful freshness to the palate. SereniTEA contains organic chamomile which promotes a calming effect, perfect to help reduce anxiety and wind down after a long day.

5. ZesTEA

This fresh and flavoursome tea is vibrant and uplifting with a delightful harmony of ginger and zesty lemon. If you need that energy boost, ZesTEA is invigorating during a busy day. It’s good for reducing bloating, improving digestion and preventing nausea.


Bodhi Tea range

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