Revitalise your Pantry this Autumn!

Host a Pantry Preview and help your Guests maintain their summer glow by replacing unhealthy groceries and supplements with PAB Certified InnerOrigin alternatives. Here are the 9 tips to make sure your Pantry Preview is a success.


Book a date, time and an easily accessible location. Send out an e-vite from your back office. Set a RSVP date and make sure to send a SMS/email reminder to those that have not RSVP’d.


In preparation for the event make sure you’re up to date with product specials and organise a check-list of everything you’ll need on the day. This includes:

  • Pantry Preview Sample Packs
  • InnerOrigin Pull up banner
  • InnerOrigin Compendium
  • InnerOrigin DVD
  • InnerOrigin and Merchant Partner brochures
  • Power and Pack
  • Laptop/Tablet
  • Music playlist to suit the taste of your Guests
  • Extra Samples of Trio Superfood sachet (plus any ingredients you want to blend)

Your Host needs to have at their house:

  • Blender
  • Coffee Pod machine to fit Tripod Coffee
  • Kettle Cups/Glasses/Taster Cups
  • DVD Player for the TV
  • Wi-Fi for you to be able to access InnerOrigin website
  • Almond Milk, Coconut Milk or Coconut Water to add to the Superfood Smoothie
  • Seats for the number of attending Guests

On the day wear your InnerOrigin clothing and arrive at least 1 hour prior to set up banners, display and sample packs. Email all Guests your sample referral link to help them shop as they wish.

Welcome and Introduction

Introduce yourself and the reason you believe in InnerOrigin’s truth on label philosophy.

Use the InnerOrigin DVD to showcase how InnerOrigin allows the community to buy great, healthy products from a new, online marketplace.


Introduce Trio’s 21 Day Clean and Lean Program. You can explain the benefits using brochures, videos and the pack itself.

Nothing speaks louder then a personal testimonial. So share your personal experience using Trio, or any of the sub-hero products. Ask others about whether they’ve tried any of the products and let everyone try all the products.

How to Shop: Smart Link and Order Forms

Share your personal SmartLink which will allow people to shop for their favourite product. If your Host is a Guest of InnerOrigin, use their link so that both the Host and their Guests will receive a discount voucher when they shop. Display the website and show how it works and navigates. Help Guests to log on and place a first order.

Make sure to have manual order forms printed for those that prefer to hand write.

Sample, Taste And Experience

This is the fun part: sample, taste and experience your sample pack with the Guests. You can show them the products you love, play product videos, download flyers from the back end and share Merchant Partner stories you learn on the Sunday calls. Also, tell them about product specials and promotions!

Pantry Preview Value Packs

Chose from a range of 11 exciting Pantry Preview Value Packs

Kick Start Your New Pantry

Help your Host to reboot their Pantry Pantry and Bathroom. Total the Pantry Preview orders from the party to see if your Host has earnt any Reward Vouchers, or special incentives.

Remember to take a photo of the Hosts Pantry before and after the Reboot and share it on Social Media using #innerorigin.

Thank You

Most importantly thank your Guests and Host for attending. Ask whether they’d like to host a Pantry Preview and book in a date.

If guests are interested in becoming Advocates of InnerOrigin take them through the business and pack options.

Follow up with all Guests, see how they are enjoying the InnerOrigin marketplace and encourage them to post reviews on the platform.

Have you Hosted a Pantry Preview? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!