About creator Libby Salmon

“Libby has an interest in all aspects of health and wellbeing and believes in prevention before cure.  Libby joined InnerOrigin as an Advocate before she applied to become a Merchant Partner because the philosophy of InnerOrigin fits so well with her own.

Libby believes that what we put in and on our bodies, and the environment we live in are integral to our health and overall wellbeing and that we should be constantly working to improve these factors in our lives.

Libby Salmon is the Australian distributor of Floww Health Technology which provides a solution to the electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) pollution that surrounds us today.  This man-made radiation is often overlooked as a health factor because we can’t see it, hear it or feel it and we often attribute its effects to some other source.

Libby is passionate about helping people understand the risks involved with this radiation and reducing its effect on their lives.

About Floww

“In today’s world we are surrounded by non-ionising electromagnetic radiation (EMF).  This is the man-made radiation that results from all of our electronic conveniences and especially from our mobile phones and Wi-Fi.  This radiation is a form of pollution and is damaging to our health.

Floww Health Technology provides a solution to this pollution.  Each Floww product is built to last and does not impact the environment by requiring periodic replacement or battery disposal.

The Floww products create a field which reduces the effect of the man-made radiation on your body which in turn results in improved sleep, more energy and peace of mind.”

7 Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

  1. Turn off your Wi-Fi modem when you are not using it.

Your Wi-Fi modem is a source of EMF radiation which is now found in most homes.  If you can’t cable your connections then turn off your Wi-Fi modem when you are not using it, especially at night.  When you sleep, you heal and you are much more susceptible to the effects of EMF while you are asleep.

  1. Keep all electronics out of your bedroom at night.

This includes TVs, electric blankets, clock radios, water beds and most of all your phone!

ALL electrical appliances emit some kind of field and as mentioned above you are more affected when you are sleeping.

If you must use your phone as an alarm then switch it into ‘aeroplane’ mode each evening, it will still work as an alarm but you will be significantly reducing your EMF exposure overnight.

  1. Don’t carry your mobile phone on your body.


Even when you are not actively using your phone it is still emitting a signal.  All phones these days come with a disclaimer that you should not keep them closer than one to two centimetres to your body, it varies depending on the brand and model but it is good practice to keep your phone a significant distance away.

Soft tissue and organs absorb radiation more readily than muscle and bone so if you must keep your phone close to you choose a location where it will have less of an impact.

Never keep you phone in pants pockets, or shirt pockets or bras.

In your pants pockets your phone is close to your reproductive organs and it is likely there is a link between reduced fertility and EMF.

In shirt pockets or bras your phone is close to your heart and your heart is an electronic organ which may be affected by the radiation from your phone.  There is already research showing a link between breast cancer and EMF radiation.

  1. Only use the speaker or texting option on your phone.

The best way to use your mobile is to use the speaker function or by texting.  In both of these cases you hold your phone a distance away from your body which means you are reducing your exposure to the radiation from your phone.

  1. Don’t use your phone in your car.

Or on the train, bus, or in a lift.

Because your car is made of metal and is moving your phone needs to work harder to maintain a connection so the radiation is stronger.  The metal of the car also acts as a Faraday cage so the radiation is trapped in the enclosure and reflected back to you.

  1. Swap your cordless phones for corded ones.

Cordless or DECT phones are constantly emitting back to their base station and in many cases their radiation levels are higher than that of mobile phones.  If possible, go back to using a corded phone.  If this is not an option then ensure the base station is as far away from you and your family as possible.

  1. Get Floww products!

Floww Health Technology products act to reduce the effect of man-made radiation on your body.  There are solutions for phone, personal and home and office use depending on which is most suitable for you.

The mobileFloww and screenFloww are effective for the microwave bandwidths which phones and Wi-Fi use to operate.

The personalFloww and home and officeFloww work to change the effect of the non-ionising radiation (EMF) spectrum from low frequency through to the microwave frequencies so offer a more comprehensive solution.