InnerOrigin Advocate, Kelly Maloney shares her incredible weight loss journey and how InnerOrigin has helped her maintain her health. She continuously inspires the InnerOrigin community in educating the importance of living a healthy life. (Blog post provided by Kelly.)

“I was once morbidly obese. I was carrying 90kg’s of excess weight. I was 5ft 1 (156cm) and weighed in at 145kg. I was told lose weight or I could have a heart attack, stroke or both. The issue was, I had no idea where to start or what to do. There was no real guidance or tools, I just had to work it out. So I began my journey doing deep water walking at Everybody Physio in Penrith, Sydney. For the first time in a long time I felt free of the weight when I was in the water, I felt confident and successful; something I had not felt in such a long time.

I slowly regained my self confidence. It was an incredible journey of self discovery and I actually became grateful for every extra kilo I carried as it taught me so much about myself; inner strength, commitment, courage and self acceptance; learning that may never have happened without the weight I carried. Today I am 93kg lighter and have kept the weight off for 9 years.

I was offered the opportunity to become a Founding Advocate with InnerOrigin when it was merely just an idea, a vision. But it was something I knew I had to be part of because it stood for educating the world about conscious, healthy shopping; it was going to give consumers an opportunity to choose healthy, safe non-toxic products that they could trust completely.

When I started my weight loss journey, I didn’t have the education or knowledge to know what was good for me and what wasn’t. I just had to go on what I thought was a healthy decision not really knowing if it was or it wasn’t. InnerOrigin has now given me the tools to go out there and educate people about alternative choices by simply substituting one product at at time. We provide people with education which is so desperately needed for them to make informed decisions about what they put in their mouths, on their bodies and around their homes. Educating people provides knowledge so they can empower themselves on their own personal journeys. InnerOrigin gives people what I didn’t have, not only a pathway to health but a likeminded community of people who encourage and support one another no matter what; and that has been missing for such a long time. InnerOrigin is what the world needs and as an Advocate I am part of that! What an honour!”

– Kelly Maloney, InnerOrigin Founding Advocate

Kelly is a very active member of the InnerOrigin Advocate Community, continuously inspiring and education others about living a healthy life. She organised weekly Wellness Pop Ups in Penrith, Sydney to share the amazing products on offer at InnerOrigin. Read her delicious and sweet After Midnight recipe adaption using all InnerOrigin products below!

Coconut Rough Bites Recipe


  • ½ cup (60g) After Midnight- Dark
  • ½ cup (120g) Coconut Oil
  • 1 ¼ cups of Desiccated Coconut
  • Raw organic Honey to taste


  1. Melt the coconut oil in a bowl. Gradually stir in the After Midnight- Dark a bit at a time. Using a fork or whisk helps to separate lumps.
  2. Next add the desiccated coconut and mix until all coconut is coated
  3. Spoon onto tray – leave it messy to get that rough look
  4. Place in freezer for 10-15mins to set.
  5. Enjoy your guilt free coconut rough.

NB: I added mixed trail nuts: cashews, sultanas for something different. You could also add dates or berries.
NB: All ingredients are available on the InnerOrigin Platform.