About the Formulator

August Hergesheimer, Ph.D

August Organics Face Care Oil is a 100% natural anti-ageing skincare product developed by anti-ageing specialist, August Hergesheimer.  With a doctorate in nutritional science, August has created more than a dozen whole-food based health supplements for the Japanese market since 2006.  He has published 12 books on anti-ageing foods and nutrition in Japan and Taiwan. Augusthas been featured in countless magazine articles, radio, and television including Discovery Channel.

His ongoing interest in new research regarding the human ageing process led him to develop a line of skincare products using only natural ingredients, August Organics.His Face Care Oil is a proprietary blend of beneficial skincare oils to support elasticity and a more youthful appearance.  August uses his Face Care Oil daily.

About August Organic Oil

Blog post provided by August Hergesheimer

My 38 years of interest and research into the causes and potentially preventative measures of ageing has led me to some amazing discoveries. Once I learn of scientific research that is undeniable, I immediately seek out a product that can help me slow or, possibly even reverse, the effects of age.  When I cannot find the perfect product, I make it. After all, at 57 years old I want it for my personal needs.

The ONLY product in the world today that contains organic soy oil as its chief ingredient. Scientific research by both L’Oreal and Johnson&Johnson discovered that natural soy oil is the only topical ingredient that is effective in both protecting skin elastin from damage and even rejuvenating lost elastin content. Elastin is a critical protein in human skin that is responsible for skin elasticity. Youthful skin is high in elastin content whereas mature skin is lower. UV exposure and air pollution further degrade elastin, leading to deep wrinkles and sagging skin. Soy oil’s ability to protect elastin from such damage is truly ground-breaking science.

Organic soy oil is sourced from Australia and blended with a few other natural oils known to be beneficial to skin health and appearance.
Full ingredients list and country of origin:
Organic Soy Oil (Australia)
Organic Argan Oil (Morocco)
Organic Jojoba Oil (USA)
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil (Australia)
Organic Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgaria)

Another advantage is that this product will only compliment your current skincare regimen.  Use 1-2 drops blended into your normal skin moisturizer or directly onto dry, clean skin. If using during the day, apply sunscreen afterwards.

August Organic Face Care Oil is available at InnerOrigin