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How to Live a Chemical Free Life can seem a little daunting when you begin thinking about changing your lifestyle and house as toxic chemicals are just about everywhere. Every step you take to eradicating toxic chemicals from your life is a step in the right direction to here are some easy ways to start…

1. House Plants

House Plants are an excellent way to reduce toxins in your home as they are natural air purifiers. By cleaning the air and absorbing the chemicals and gas, plants are able to convert them into food and energy. The top plants for your home are the Peace Lily, Mother-In-Laws Tongue, Gerbera Daisy and Devils Ivy.

2. Natural Chemical-Free House Cleaning Products

Natural time honoured cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and organic essential oils are lovely non toxic solutions to clean your home inexpensively. These products are available at InnerOrigin.

3. Natural Candles

Candles made from natural pure ingredients are a very important factor to consider when choosing candles for your home. Their counterparts use paraffin wax ingredients in their processing, exposing consumers to cancer causing petroleum byproducts. Those toxic byproducts work to insidiously affect the air quality of your homes, and the health of your body.

4. Natural Organic Pots And Pans

Green cookware as it is being termed, is becoming more recognised across the world today. The evidence has shown that our beloved non stick cookware is highly toxic and produces poisonous particles and fumes when heated.

Your kitchen is your first stop in creating your chemical free home. It’s the place where home life revolves around and what better place to start than here. Nurture and love your family with wonderful fresh and healthy food to keep them well in the years to come.

5. Natural Toothpaste

Organic toothpaste, is a wise choice when choosing toothpaste for your family and children. Especially children as they can swallow a lot of toothpaste when they brush their teeth. These natural toothpastes which care for teeth and gums, are made from all natural ingredients with no artificial colours, or flavourings.

Generally the main ingredients can include tea tree oil, neem oil, cinnamon, pomegranate,  aloe vera, and peppermint essential oil, and other non-toxic ingredients for the best dental health.

6. Read The Back Of The Jar, Box Or Packet Thoroughly

Read the ingredients list on your personal care products carefully.

Manufactures hide their ingredients under long names and often are not required to show ingredients used to make the product. These toxic substances are not part of the finished product and consequentially manufactures are not required to add them in. We still consume them in trace quantities.

Many of our personal care products are so toxic it’s not funny. Scientific studies are showing just how toxic many of our personal care products are. They are laden with  chemical fillers, preservatives, thickeners, fragrances and colours which are all disrupting our delicate endocrine and hormonal systems.

7. Leave Your Shoes Outside

This is such a simple one, but not many people think about itAs you walk around and into your home, your shoes are carrying in, not only dirt but a load of toxic chemicals, grease, pesticides, lead, oil, bacteria and more.

8. What You Put In Your Mouth

Lastly and most importantly, be aware of the foods you choose to eat..

Choose to eat organic vegetables, fruits and meats, choose to grow your own vegetables and fruits. You don’t need a garden bed, you can grow lettuce, basil, herbs and tomatoes in pots on your balcony.

If you would like to learn more about living healthier and chemical free then come to one of our Lunch & Learn events at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen. Each one has a special guest from InnerOrigin talking about their chemical free products they have to offer.