Blog post provided by Ruth Stanton, founder of Creating Inner Balance

50 Days of Meditation is a package of meditations to download or stream, for those who want to develop a daily meditation practice, and who want to be guided in their inward journey to quieting the mind.

What is Inner Peace, and why do we search for it? Doesn’t it promise us happiness and joy in our busy lives? And how to go about it? How can we go inwards and listen, when there’s so much noise in our lives which gets in the way? How to go about accepting life’s challenges and increase our ability to cope, and flow through life with ease?

Stillness = flow = joy of living

Creating Inner Balance’s goal is to help create a habit of mediation (where the mind becomes quiet) – this creates new neural pathways, which helps us to flow through life with ease and grace and to maintain that perfect life balance. Give yourself 10 minutes every day to find this contentment, and to develop a relationship with your inner-most self.

But how to meditate? Which lineage to follow, as there are so many ways? How do we go about dropping the busy mind? Guided meditations are the perfect starting point while you build your meditation habit, and strengthen your willpower – it’s like a muscle, the more often it is used, the stronger it gets!

This package of Meditations is designed to help you explore many different paths – mindfulness, the awareness of breath, observing the thoughts, mantras, energy cleansing, and many more. Try them all out, over 50 Days of Meditation, then you will be ready to explore your meditation journey on your own, using the tools you have learnt, helping you to discover your true path.

Delve deep into the world of meditation and give yourself just 10 minutes a day to invest in yourself, in your own sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Why do 50 Days of Meditation?

Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of peace of mind and space to heal. Meditation is often practiced in order to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Meditation may be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, but is often simply practiced in order to find happiness and stillness in daily life.

This series of 50 meditations is with Ruth Stanton, who has been teaching yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years. Each meditation lasts for approximately 8 minutes and is  based on a different theme ~ from different schools of meditation and lineages, and many different countries. From observing the mind and the thoughts, practising mindfulness during our actions, exploring the different breathing techniques (pranayama), visualisations ~ where you simply follow the journey of the instruction, to chakra balancing meditations, and many more.

This series of meditations is designed for those who have never meditated before, or for those who struggle to stay still and “empty the mind” in order to meditate. There are so many different techniques, this is a chance to try them all out, and to see what works for you. The goal is to establish a daily practice of your own following the 50 days. We looks forward to practicing with you!


“I definitely ‘use and highly recommend’ Ruth’s soothing voice and instruction whenever I’m starting to feel work and life pressures creep up within myself. It absolutely helps bring me back to earth and to keep my outlook and focus more centred. It tames my ‘monkey-mind’ – 10 minutes is easy to find either just before hitting the pillow or upon rising in the morning.” 
Pete Seskis, Adelaide, SA

“The 50 days of meditation was different from what I was use to. Filled with self-love and self- compassion left me blissfully relaxed. It inspired me to practice kindness and softness and just filling myself with it to the brim. The soft and beautiful voice took me to other places and I loved the sound of the Tibetan bells at the end of each meditation. Simply beautiful and so therapeutic.” 
Eliza Piet Ferguson, Adelaide, SA

“I got a lot of peace from doing 50 Days of Meditation. It went through a process of enlightenment, which enhanced my life. I look forward to the next one. Namaste.” 
Michele Ruediger, Adelaide, SA