Blog by d.e.w Beauty Foods

Summer is usually a time of excess for most of us. Too much sun, swimming, drinking and excessive use of sunscreen can clog and dry out the skin. Then, as the weather cools, we tend to drink less water exacerbating our already dehydrated skin.

It’s not an ideal foundation as we head into cooler, windy weather!

As a d.e.w loyalist you’re already probably singing to the inside out beauty sheet, but here’s a few facts you may not know;

1. It takes 6 weeks for the food you eat to make its way to the outer layers of your skin

If you’ve got an important event coming up you need to start prepping your skin from the inside out at least 6 weeks beforehand. Eat as much colour as you can at every meal (as well as snacks) to ensure a beautiful, radiant hue on the big day!

Even better, nurture the skin from the outside as well as the inside simultaneously. Face masks are a wonderful way to give your skin instant nourishment, whilst at the same time creating a little time out moment. Skin, mind, body nourishment all-in-one!

2. Good fat is vital for healthy skin

Gone are the days of low fat everything for many reasons, thank goodness! All our cells need good fat in order to be able to function correctly. These fats play a role in everything from skin health, to your nerves and hormone production. Good fats facilitate the transportation of thousands of messages around the body – it is INFORMATION that is vital for the healthy functioning of our bodies. They also help reduce inflammation and promote healthy artery function for your heart.

About 20% of your daily intake should come from good fats – extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, good quality nut oils, avocadoes and ghee are all excellent sources. Eliminate the bad fats from your cupboard including margarine, vegetable oils, peanut oil, rice bran and canola oil. These fats contain way too much omega-6 fatty acids and will cause inflammation in the body. Many are unstable at high temperatures and will turn into trans-fat, a type of fat that is impossible for the body to absorb.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

We all know we need to drink water to survive and some might know we need water to flush toxins from our cells, but did you know that water actually acts like a moisturiser from the inside? Our cells are made of approximately 30% water so it makes sense that if we’re dehydrated the cells are going to lose water and appear less ‘plump’.

For beautiful, dewy skin we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and increase by 2 glasses for every coffee or black tea. You can count herbal teas (or d.e.w teas!) in your daily 8 but be mindful of sugar in any fruit based herbal teas. If you find it difficult to tolerate plain water then you might like to flavour it with some lemon, mint or cucumber.

4. The health of your gut will show in your skin and hair

Limp, lifeless or dull skin / hair indicates a far deeper issue at your very core. If you experience any digestive symptoms such as flatulence, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea regularly, then you are most certainly suffering from microbiome dysbiosis.

Jump on the probiotic (live bugs in food such as kefir, kombucha and yoghurt) and prebiotic (high fibre foods such as cruciferous and fermented veg) bandwagon asap if you haven’t already. If these foods are like a foreign language to you then it’s a good idea to see a Nutritionist for advice, or the very least do yourself a favour and buy a good quality, broad spectrum (multi-bug) probiotic supplement pronto.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to scrub and moisturise from the outside!

Exfoliating, skin brushing, body scrubs and moisturising masks for both face and body will set you up for a dewy autumn ahead. Depending on your skin type we recommend following this routine at least once a week. Remember to always do a little patch test before applying d.e.w masks and follow with your normal skin routine.

Voila folks!