Dr Ross WalkerAbout Dr. Ross Walker

Dr. Walker has a medical practice in Lindfield  on the upper north shore of Sydney. He provides a service in all aspects of echocardiography, focusing on stress echocardiography which is a well accepted, accurate method for assessing heart disease, not involving irradiation or injections. There are presently no other stress echo services on the upper North Shore.

Dr. Walker commenced stress echocardiography in 1992 and has since performed over 50,000 studies & 80,000 transthoracic echocardiograms. Stress echocardiography provides much more information to the practitioner than stress testing alone.

Dr. Walker introduced coronary calcium scoring into Australia in 1999 in conjunction with the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

His other area of expertise is in the field of preventative cardiology and he has also commenced a related service in arterial screening, which is an indirect measure of endothelial function and arterial stiffness, and does not involve irradiation or injections. Dr. Walker has published 7 best selling books on preventative cardiology and lectures both nationally and internationally on this subject.

Ross and InnerOrigin

“The only thing we want for InnerOrigin is high quality products, backed by science.”

Ross is an InnerOrigin ambassador and doctor with over 35 years of experience who brings his knowledge of health and healthy living to the table to approve only the best products for the InnerOrigin platform.

“What attracts me to InnerOrigin is the very simple fact that the philosophy is about good health. InnerOrigin is a health and wellness company that’s set to revolutionise our community. It’s not just about selling products – it’s about giving people the global lifestyle approach. They’re going to keep people healthier and happier for so much longer.”

“This is why I chose to become an InnerOrigin Ambassador. The only thing we want for InnerOrigin are products that are backed by science, backed by clinical experience – that we know is going to help people.” – Dr Ross Walker


Watch Dr. Walker’s Video on the 5 Keys of Good Health