Duncan shares his 5 Tips to start your day!

About Duncan

InnerOrigin Advocate Ambassador, Duncan Kerr, is an international sports trainer who works within the professional sport, fitness and healthcare industries.

Duncan is an industry expert with qualifications including Sports Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist, Paramedic, and he even has a Private Helicopter and Speed Boat Licence!

He has experience as a trainer to the Stars and recently worked as security for Oprah Winfrey. Duncan has over 15 years of training, coaching and rehabilitating of many high-profile clients including the Cook Islands Rugby World Cup Team, Manly Rugby League Team, The Wiggles and has also worked with the Australian cricket team and the Sydney 2000 Olympic team.

In addition to this, Duncan is passionate about helping people in his community and is highly involved in charity work, where he takes part in volunteering and fundraising for the Steve Waugh Foundation.

Duncan and InnerOrigin

InnerOrigin proudly announce Duncan as an Advocate Ambassadors and our Sports and Training Consultant.

“As a health care professional, I know how important it is to eat good food. That’s the reason I’m supporting InnerOrigin; it tells you exactly what’s in the food you eat through truth-on-label philosophy. I also know each product has been approved by an independent Product Advisory Board so I can trust their products will do me well.”

Duncan’s 5 Tips to start your day the healthy way:

  1. Have a glass of water – your body has been asleep and can dehydrate throughout the night so a refreshing glass of water a great way to go
  2. Splash some cool water on your face – a great wake-me-up!
  3. A healthy breakfast: berry smoothie, eggs and avocado and as a luxury some salmon
  4. Have a good stretch!
  5. Move! Go for a walk/run/swim and you’ll feel great!