Why we love Florentine Gold products

Florentine Gold is a natural mineral crystal based company, all natural products produced in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Enjoy the goodness of nature for a healthier you. Proudly Australian Owned, Vegan & Choose Cruelty Free Friendly (CCF accredited)

Florentine Gold was originally owned and operated by Florentine Health’s Joseph and Jenny Zappia, registered in 1990. Florentine Heath was re-purchased due to the huge interest and passion for natural health and wellbeing with a desire to make a range of natural products. Previous existing customers looking for the range of products made by Florentine Health were kind enough to send samples of their products, thus Florentine Gold was born. With the current owner’s passion and experience regarding health and love for cooking, combined with months of research, could reformulate the products using the same original ingredients with added benefits.

Florentine Gold products are made using the same ingredients originally made by Florentine Health. The re-branding of the wonderful natural products include deodorant, body and joint rub, topical guard and body mist, soon to increase their product range.

Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub

  • A soothing Body and Joint Rub
  • Excellent for Sensitive skin
  • No harmful additives
  • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 and all it’s benefits
  • Easy absorption
  • Made with natural ingredients, mineral salts and essential oils
  • Works within minutes

Ease those tired muscles and joints, all natural, non greasy, a smooth creamy formulation, made with natural mineral crystals, cold pressed oil containing omega 3 & 6 and essential oils.

An all natural healing remedy, great results for all pain relief, arthritis, tennis elbow, neck and shoulder stiffness, gout, sore feet, headaches and migraine, pulled and strained muscles, great after gym. Use externally for sore throats, sunburn relief, takes the itch out of mosquito bites also wonderful results for people suffering with pimples, psoriasis and eczema.

Pure & Natural Tropical Guard

  • Made only from all natural ingredients
  • Pleasant in aroma
  • An insect repellant that really does keep the flies and mosquito away.
  • Doubles as a pet deodorizer and flea deterrent.
  • Safe and contains no chemicals.
  • Pure & Natural Crystal Deodorants
  • 24HR Protection Naturally
  • Lily of the Valley fragrance
  • Persuasion fragrance
  • Fragrance free (for sensitive skin)
  • Prosper  (Vanilla, Bergamot & Lime Essential Oils)
  • Mystique (Lavender, Frangipani &Lime Essential Oils)

Florentine Gold Natural Crystal Deodorants kill the bacteria in perspiration that causes body odour. Made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts

Fresh Foot Natural Deodorant Spray

  • 24HR Protection NATURALLY 
  • Kills the bacteria in perspiration that causes foot odour.
  • Kills tinea and fungi related diseases.
  • Made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts
  • Relief from smelly feet
  • Enjoy the goodness of nature for a more beautiful you.


“Hands down the best soothing balm for sore aches and pains.” – Dr H Bhara 

“I’m a Natural cynic so it was with some surprise that I seemed to get almost instant relief.” – Peter (Retired Professional) St Peters Adelaide, South 

“As a retired pharmacist, I have been interested in these natural products for some time. We have been using the pain relief rub with great success and the deodorants have been wonderful. The products are very well researched and compounded indeed and the added natural scents most comforting too. I would have been proud to have these products for sale in my pharmacies.” – Graeme Hall (Kensington SA)

“My 14 year old daughter suffers from psoriasis and has tried many prescription medicines but none have been able to help control the psoriasis .A friend told me to try Natural Harmony and it has helped clear it up to the point where it has nearly all gone. It is now all the she will use on her skin. My 11year old daughter has started to get a heat rash on the inside of her arms so I was straight onto it with the Natural Harmony. I can’t believe it helps with so many different skin problems.” – Kathy Kraft

Florentine Gold’s InnerOrigin Testimony

We spoke to Paul & Nicky on their experience as InnerOrigin Merchant partners.

“InnerOrigin and Florentine Gold share passion for making a difference in peoples lives, by providing quality honest and healthy products to consumers who care for the wellbeing of themselves, their families and friends.” – Paul & Nicky, Florentine Gold.

“Ethics and values was also a decision for forming a partnership between FG & IO as truth on labelling was one of InnerOrigin’s requirements. Their staff are extremely helpful, hardworking and like minded. We believed this would attract the right advocates and from the ones (advocates) we have had the privilege to meet – that’s been confirmed. We look forward to watching both businesses grow and enjoying a long lasting partnership.” – Paul and Nicky, Florentine Gold.

Florentine’s Products can be purchased on the InnerOrigin store.