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About Googys Egg Protein Bars

Googys egg protein bars are a real food snack. They are made for people looking for more protein and clean ingredients. Each bar is made with a handful of fruits and nuts and the equivalent of 3 egg whites for a quality whole food protein snack.

Egg Whites are a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. The balance and quantity of amino acids found in egg white matches human requirements better than all other proteins, and it is this bioavailability that makes egg whites a great protein choice.

Using certified Free Range Egg Whites, quality fruits and Australian nuts, Googys are all natural, minimally processed, and made from the REAL FOOD ingredients that your body loves and needs. The blend in a Googys bar gives you the health and fitness essentials of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and healthy wholefood fats. A Googys bar is convenient and perfectly portioned to have for breakfast, between meetings, or post work out as a quick filler packed with tasty wholefood nutrition.

Founder Paul Donovan’s story

“I was born into a world of sweets and chocolate. The second son of a family of confectioners, I literally grew up playing on sacks of sugar, learning about the manufacture of lollies… and getting lots of dental fillings! Lolly’s were good, and I even met my wife Lea at a confectionery conference.

As I got older my waist started to bulge and my energy disappeared. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so started trying different remedies. I tried cleansing diets, intravenous Vitamin C, juicing diets, fasting diets, high protein and low carb diets. I exercised when I could, did a boot camp, joined gyms.But any success did not last.

The turning point came when I learnt about the paleo approach, gave up added sugars, and started to simply eat real food. So simple. We sold our chocolate business (Donovan’s Chocolates in New Zealand), moved to Lea’s hometown of Melbourne to start our health business journey. Along with wanting to get out of the confectionery industry, one of my key concerns was finding convenient and suitable snacks.

The idea for Googys started with the challenge of finding tasty high protein bars that suited my paleo diet and were not full of crap ingredients. The only suitable protein bar I could find online was from the States, and not available in Australia. I started to tinker in the kitchen and really liked the results. Eventually we started selling at local markets and we bought some machinery to make bars and rented a small factory. We got a lot of positive feedback from selling at consumers shows and markets, and after our protein bar won “best Australian made product” at the 2016 Melbourne Gluten Free Show, we knew we had a good product that people liked.

Working with designers on packaging led us to realise that our protein bar needed an identity. Both Lea and I grew up calling eggs “googys” so it was the first name we thought of for our egg bar creation and it stuck. We launched Googys bars in March 2017 and have had a steadily growing following as consumers discover how great the bars taste, how sustaining they are, and how clean and simple the ingredients are. We hope you will enjoy a Googys bar as a better protein alternative!” – Paul Donovan

All natural Googys Protein Bars come in 4 unique flavours and are available for purchase on the InnerOrigin store. Grab your mixed or single flavour box today!