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How often should you replace your bath towels?

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Fresh, high-quality towels is not only important for the look and feel of your bathroom, but also for your personal comfort. Once you have been using the same towel for quite a while, you may be wondering when is the right time to replace them. There are a number of different factors, including how often they are used, laundered, the quality of your original towels and perhaps the quality of cleaning products that you use to clean the towels. They can become threadbare overtime, which means they won’t be good at getting you dry as quick, and they certainly won’t look nearly as nice hanging on your towel rack anymore.

It’s time to replace your towels if you see either one of the following two things happens:

  1. Your towels lose their softness and absorbency. Does the towel feel rough or uncomfortable on your skin? Have you noticed that it’s taking longer to get dry? When you wash and dry your towels, they start to lose fibers. Once they lose fibers, they are no longer going to be as soft and absorbent as they were when you first purchased them.
  2. Your towels have an odor. Most people don’t was their towels enough! Overtime towels can develop a musty odor that can’t be erased by washing. If your towel smells like anything other than fresh laundry when it’s clean, it’s time for them to go. It has been scientifically recommended that you should wash your towel after every three uses. If you have skin conditions even more often. And hand towels may need to be washed daily, depending on their usage. Bacteria love dark, most environments, so they’ll thrive in a steamy bathroom with the door closed. Even though we think washing removes all the bacteria, that’s not always the case and then it ends up in our towels as we dry off.

Why not recycle your old towels, put them in the garage for some dirty work that may be required. Or cut them into pieces and use them for jobs like cleaning the car.

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