Blog post by Synthesis Organics

It is important to remember, first and foremost, that we are human. We are constantly evolving, making mistakes, learning and growing. It is very easy let negative energy occasionally get the better of us, to become overloaded with stress or anxiety, or simply to feel flat, dulled to life’s experiences. If you find yourself in a slump or experiencing any of these on a consistent basis – embrace it, life telling you it is time for change.

Embrace the positive.

Surround your mind, soul and spirit with happiness and joy. Re-engage with what is truly important in life and simplify, bringing yourself back to basics. Rediscover the joy in the minute – happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Spend time in nature surrounded by growth and calm, or celebrate the small win of finally cleaning out the cupboard you’ve been meaning to get to for years.

Practice gratitude in all things.

A delicious coffee, a moment of meditation, a catch-up with a friend. By being thankful and recognising all the blessings in your life, your entire perspective will start to shift. As you consciously make the decisions to do this, you will realise how your happiness and positivity is under your control – you can make the choice to surround yourself with good energy, and reap the infinite rewards that will result.

Spread kindness.

Kindness is something that has infinite scope, and presents no drain on your personal self. Helping to restore a smile on someone else is a rejuvenation all on its own – and can absolutely be infectious. You will often find that by practicing kindness and gratitude, the universe around you will transform, reflecting the positive energy you are releasing. Compliment a stranger, smile at a co-worker, always say thank you no matter how insignificant it may seem. Set a goal to perform one act of kindness per day – even if it appears small to you, it will never be worthless.