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InnerOrigin spoke to our Brand Ambassador Stephanie Rice about her training routine, health habits and motivation.

Stephanie is extremely passionate about sharing her healthy & positive lifestyle in order to help others. She does this through speaking events, tv, mentoring, business partnerships & ambassador roles, as well as online. Outside of this, Stephanie’s business ventures include, RACERiCE, her kids swimwear & healthy snack bars range. A Goal Setting book, in collaboration with MiGoals as well as numerous ventures in India … all about inspiring and supporting her community to Be The Best That They Can Be!

1. What’s involved in your training routine?

“Currently, I train 5 or 6 times a week for about 25 – 30 mins a day. I generally do body weight exercises in a HIIT format. So I get nice and sweaty, get the lymphatic system pumping and get my heart pumping.

For me, exercise is a non-negotiable in my routine. It always lifts my energy and mood and helps me to focus better…and thats my intention and motivation to keep consistent with it. Plus, of course it always makes you me feel more confident when you have a strong body.”

2. What are the benefits of regular swimming?

“Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for toning, fitness and rehabilitation. Because swimming is non-weight bearing, is amazing for people who have any injuries or niggles who still want to keep fit and strong. I always found that swimming was an amazing form of meditation because of the flow state you are in. This time of self-reflection is so important and having your head under that water allow you time to think and process your thoughts and feelings…you get out of the water feeling like you’ve got your life together.”

3. What simple daily health habits do you have?

“I try and meditate every day, even just for 10 minutes. It always helps me to come back to what’s really important in my life and take those intentions into my business day.

Currently I am using a great little app called “Calm” which has numerous different guided meditations which I love following. Otherwise I just find something on youtube.”

4 How can we incorporate these habits into our daily routines?

“For me, the biggest asset we can have is self-reflection. Being able to proactively look at our lives: our current states and surroundings and assess what’s working and what’s not. To me, this is how we create a better future for ourselves and learn from previous challenges or conflicts in order to learn and grow. Self-reflection should be an automatic part of everyones lives if you are wanting to live a happy, fulfilled successful life.

Some simple things you can start doing now are is asking yourself these questions: “what do I need to learn from this?” “why did this happen?” “what could I change to make this better next time?” “if I was … how would I want to be treated?”

5. How do you stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy?

“I exercise and live a healthy life because that’s what makes me thrive!!! To me its easy, I don’t pressure myself to follow a practical program or routine, I intuitively listen to what my body needs or desires each day or in each moment and try my best to follow that guidance. That may mean exercising, it may mean resting, it might be to get an early night sleep, or it might be to stay up and watch a movie with my partner…either way, its what makes me happiest in the moment, therefor my body thrives.”

6. What are your favourite healthy foods to eat?

“I love myself a green smoothie in the mornings. I also absolutely love roasted purple sweet potato, its so sweet and nourishing, but I can harder ever go past a healthy sweet treat.”

7. What’s a typical day like for you?

“Everyday is different for me, which I absolutely love and am incredibly grateful for that freedom of choice. So I make sure I try to start and close my days similarly, wherever I am in the world. I start my day with lemon water and a green tea, followed by some house chores, a 15 minute mediation, potential 30 minutes of exercise then Im ready for the work day. At night, I love to wind down by turning off all the lights and lighting candles, eating a healthy home cooked meal in front of the tv (not ideal but I love it) shower, read and bed.”

“I’m incredibly proud to be an InnerOrigin Ambassador. Companies and alignments like this don’t come around very often. There is such a positive energy that exudes in and around this business, and together we will make it one of the greatest companies in history.” – Steph Rice