NAS Cosmetics is now an International Award Winning Brand after taking out the Most Popular Product Award at the World Largest Beauty Expo in Shanghai, China International Beauty Expo (CIBE) in May! We’re so excited to have their makeup and cosmetics available at InnerOrigin.

Please read this blog post provided by Jennifer Hinds!

“With passion and determination at the wheel, the opportunities are endless! I had a dream to make a difference and for NAS Cosmetics to become the industry leader in the rapidly evolving cosmetic industry where the conscious consumer is awakening and demanding healthy, safe products.

Upon attending the World’s LARGEST Beauty Expo held in Shanghai last month, I was truly humbled to take out the award on behalf of NAS Cosmetics for the most Popular Brand!  Although well deserved, it was completely unexpected and honestly … I was super pleased I wore an appropriate dress!! 😊The award has created incredible opportunities to expand NAS into other countries on OUR terms.  It’s not just in Australia that women deserve to have access to affordable, NATURAL, AUSTRALIAN & SAFE products –  EVERY woman deserves that option. <3

I remember in our early days when I would be asked ‘who is your target audience’ and I’d answer “everyone who wears makeup and even those who don’t” .  The crazy looks and eye-rolling was prevalent with the advice that I needed to tighter define it however, I just couldn’t define it any other way.  Today, we’re taken seriously as we delve into International waters with our heads held high, knowing that we have much to offer them. Not being your usual entrepreneur, my aim is to empower women with products that have a multi-use wherever possible and I’m not afraid to tell what other companies WILL NOT.

Reflecting on the beginnings in my kitchen where, for nearly 2 and a half years I formulated to achieve products that my market research demanded, I created a range of Natural, Australian & Safe (NAS) make-up that women LOVE!  (see “In a Nutshell” below)

My moral code of ethics is strong and I believe in looking after those who support me.  Today, I am offering you a 48 hr opportunity.  Please … watch the video to see how I’d like to give back to YOU – my loyal supporters who resonate with my journey and have enhanced my dream to empower & have given me strength to move forward to offer above and beyond Australia, to offer them what I’ve offered you …. Your health!”

From the bottom of my heart … thank YOU!  Xxx
Jennifer Hinds,
Founder, Formulator & CEO NAS Cosmetics

Watch the video below from Jennifer: