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Blog post provided by Angela Maree Smith, Formulator & Founder of Intrametica

My name is Angela Maree Smith, Naturopath and Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic. It’s important that I look and feel my best whilst helping people achieve an overall healthy lifestyle.

I can see up to 15 people a day and the one thing they all have in common is they want to look and feel healthy. I would get asked a lot and still do, what my skincare routine is. I wish I could give them a fancy answer. To be honest I have never diligently had a skincare routine or product that I continue to use that I could recommend would deliver similar results. I truly believe that the key to anti-aging and to help me “turn back the hands of time” has everything to do with lifestyle, diet and restoring health and wellness to the body.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and on average, covers an area of 2 square metres and weighs up to 4 kgs. Are we even addressing that topically daily? How can we? Caring for the skin almost appears like a tedious task!

Now I’m not saying, throw out all your topical skin care, or even the ritual of applying the regime that you enjoy and find relaxing. Instead, support your beauty regime with a holistic approach. Besides, we’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”! So, I set out to formulate a product range and provide an easy solution to unwelcome wrinkles and fine lines, protect against UV sun damage, restore healthy, radiant and more glowing skin as well as build strong hair and nails. It also had to improve metabolism and help people achieve their goal weight, satisfy hunger and cravings whilst gently yet effectively get rid of any toxins in the body that contribute to undesirable and problematic skin.

I soon realised this was not one product. It was to be a combination of three that would take on the signs of ageing, nourish the skin and revitalise complexion. Collagen Ultimate +, Purify Body Cleanse & Toned Protein Boost in combination would support beauty & the entire skin from head to toe by focusing on the foundations – gut, liver, skin and overall nutritional health.

The Intrametica Formulations

Intrametica® Collagen Ultimate +

Collagen Ultimate + is a delicious tasting powder combining unique, first to market, clinically trialled ingredients shown to protect against the harmful effects of the sun and reduce sunburn from within. Clinical studies have shown the bioactive marine-sourced collagen peptides and antioxidants in Collagen Ultimate + increase skin moisture and hydration, improve collagen production, skin regeneration and renewal. The formula is specifically designed to help reduce wrinkles, create fuller and plumper skin, tighter pores, and may help reduce uneven pigmentation and skin tone.

Intrametica® Purify Body Cleanse

Purify Body Cleanse is a superfood powder supplement designed for everyday use. The formulation contains clinically proven bioactive botanicals and certified organic superfoods and spices with shelf stable probiotics that support the liver and detoxification processes in the body, encourage gut healing, promote gentle elimination via the bowel, and support blood purification which enhance clear glowing skin from within. Purify Body Cleanse is perfect for those looking to balance their hectic urban lifestyle and rid the body of toxins with a great tasting, alkalising and nourishing elixir. Purify Body Cleanse is also ideal for those suffering with blemished, sluggish and fatigued skin. It is a perfect complement to Intrametica® Collagen Ultimate + and Toned Protein Boost forming the ultimate premium body beautiful product suite available on the market today!

Intrametica® Toned Protein Boost

For those who exercise regularly and looking to tone their body, the Intrametica® Toned Protein Boost is unlike any other protein powder on the market.  You can supercharge your routine, enhance your diet and curb your cravings with Intrametica® Toned Protein Boost. This smoothie enhancer will transform your skin and metabolism from within.  Combining sprouted, bio-fermented organic plant proteins with first to market clinically trialled marine-sourced bioactive collagen peptides from Germany and Italian Moro Red Oranges and Spanish Carob Seed fibre to improve your metabolism and satisfy your appetite, while creating smoother, more radiant skin!

I am confident that the Intrametica range encompasses the essence of younger looking skin. I made sure they tasted great so you would want to take them every day for internal beauty and wellness. Looking after your skin is not just about your topical skin treatments or avoiding the sun, it’s now about your internal skin regime. So love your gut, look after your liver, improve your metabolism and curb cravings, boost collagen and age gracefully with Intrametica.

About Angela Maree Smith

Formulator & Founder of Intrametica

Angela Maree Smith, Naturopath, presenter, educator, author, nutraceutical expert, Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic and Founder of Intrametica.

Based on her decades of experience in the food and wellness industry, Angela has developed an exciting range of innovative nutri-botanical skin food, detox supplements combining evidence based complementary medicine with nutritionally dense foods.  Her mission is to give her patients and customers quality, effective, great tasting, and therapeutic grade products so they can be the best possible version of themselves.

Angela is passionate about evidenced based medicine, fusing bio medical science and diagnostic testing with nature’s herbs and nutrients to restore health and wellness to the body. Angela’s balanced approach to life, together with her love of cooking, using food as medicine, and her passion for exercising for wellness, has made her a very popular choice as a practitioner.  Angela is a leader and mentor for people who want no-fuss well-being tools to implement into their lives yet still maintain the joy and satisfaction that real food and realistic lifestyle choices can bring.

Angela is well credentialed in her field, having a university degree in Science specialising in Complementary Medicine, Phytochemistry and Clinical Nutrition.  Angela’s specialist clinical focus areas include;

    • Skin health – acne, psoriasis, eczema, roseacea, hives, healthy ageing
    • Fertility (including IVF, natural conception and pre conception), PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, menopause, male infertility
    • Gastrointestinal disorders – candida, parasitic infections, food sensitivities, fructose malabsorption, lactose intolerance, IBS, IBD and Crohn’s disease, Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance
    • Weight loss and body composition support, thyroid health
    • Stress, insomnia, anxiety and mood imbalances
    • Detoxification, food as medicine and DNA nutritional profiling
    • Immune disorders and adrenal fatigue

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