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Mobile Safety Fast Facts

Mobile phones operate using low powered microwave radiation. This is the same type of radiation that is used in a microwave oven.

Up to 60% of your mobile phone’s radiation is absorbed into your head and body.

In the USA fine print warnings from Apple, Samsung, and Blackberry advise that mobile phones should not be positioned directly next to the head or body.

Malignant glioma brain tumours have been associated with mobile phone use and kill 75% of victims within 2 years and longer term leave no survivors.

The World Health Organisation recommends precautions such as hands free devices and texting to minimise phone radiation exposure.

Australian researchers have predicted a frightening exponential increase in brain tumours because of long term mobile phone use.

Wired headsets often work like an aerial. 300% more radiation may be channelled directly into the inner ear canal when using a regular headset.

Bluetooth headsets radiate at 2.4 GHz. i.e. the same radiation frequency as used in microwave ovens.

30 minutes mobile phone use per day for 10 years is associated with a doubling in an adult’s risk of a glioma brain tumour. The risk increases with each additional year of use.

For a child or young person, 30 minutes mobile use / day for 10 years is associated with an increase in the risk of a brain tumour by 400-500%. The risk increases with each additional year of use.

Government agencies and international health authorities in many countries have issued public safety advice and are developing legislation to protect children.

When your reception is poor your phone increases its radiation output to compensate and improve reception.

To get reception, phones far away from base stations (such as in rural areas) transmit much higher levels of radiation. A study found that rural mobile phone users had eight times higher tumour rates.

The world’s largest study on brain tumours and mobile phone use found that tumours were more frequently found on the same side of the head as the side of mobile phone use.

The largest every study conducted by the US Government National Toxicology Program found that phone radiation causes brain and other cancer types in animals. These cancers were the same type that have showed up in human studies.

Mobile phone use has been linked to brain, ear and cheek cancers, DNA damage, headaches, dizziness, infertility, early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and more.

“There is no doubt in my mind that chronic mobile use increases the risk of brain cancer, and other cancers too. Mobile phones damage sperm and animals that are exposed during pregnancy have offspring with smaller brains, smaller testes and hyperactivity.”  – Dr Devra Davis – Environmental Health Trust

Using predictive modelling and accounting for a 30 year delay in cancer development researchers are predicting a brain tumour pandemic starting in 15 years time. A rise in relevant tumour rates has already begun to be observed.

Mobile phone technology has not undergone any long term product testing.

The accumulative effect of multiple sources of wireless radiation is still not yet known but early scientific evidence is increasingly pointing to it being dangerous to the health.

Children are far more likely to be vulnerable to mobile phone radiation because there sculls and bodies are not yet fully formed. Studies have shown that they absorb more radiation than adults when using mobile phones.

Australian radiations standards are dated and are based on thermal measurements not biological ones. This means standards protect your head, eyes and brain from heating up too much but offer no protection from other possible health side effects.

Testing around the world by credible scientists and research bodies show that health hazards are real and measurable but are not accounted for in governments standards.

The Australian government standards are based on the WHO guidelines but those standards were written by people with telecommunications industry qualifications and interests rather than biomedical ones. Surely this is a dangerous conflict of interest.

Countries make huge amounts of money from the sale and construction of phone masts and Britain and the government alone makes 22 billion pounds from the sale of permits for new phone masts.

Telecommunications companies are only second to oil co as the richest corporations on the planet.

If phone companies were to acknowledge that their products may cause harm this would open them up to multimillion dollar lawsuits and could collapse the entire industry.

In Israel, the law requires all new cell phones and cell phone advertisements to include “Warning – the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.”

Brain cancer is the biggest killer cancer in Australian adults between 0 and 40 years of age.

World renown Neuro-Surgeon Dr Charlie Teo is outspoken about what he sees as a clear link between cellphone use and increased tumour findings around the ear & cheek area.

More than one international high court case has ended in the ruling that phone radiation has caused someone’s brain tumour or other serious health impact.

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