100% Australian, Natural & Safe makeup


Jennifer Hinds, Founder & Formulator

Location:  Gold Coast, Queensland

Make-up was never living up to my expectations.  Tired of wasting money trying countless brands, I decided that my lesson had been learned and I was now prepared to pay a premium price to use the best on the market.

The product, I chose to purchase, was marketed as the products for film and television, and desperate for that “flawless” look, I went ahead and purchased a foundation for $90.

The product itself had a pungent odor and after using it for a week or so, I became nauseous whenever I applied it and had constant headaches.  Deciding it must be ‘off’, I returned the product for an exchange, learning that this was in fact the true product, and I was having an overreaction.

It was at this moment, I decided that I would expose this industry by empowering women to become conscious consumers and make informed choices about choosing their make-up and in turn, other personal care items.

I vowed that I would make my own and I would do it in two weeks. As with small business, the two part was correct however, I got the weeks and years very mixed up.


The cosmetic industry is currently in a phase of upheaval as consumers demand more from their products.  Rather than evolving, the marketing tactics of cosmetic companies seem to be losing effectiveness. This leaves the market open for a solution-based company to step up to the mark.

As an innovative Company, we took the time to do our research and ask women what they want and expect from their makeup. We heard, we listened and we set out to create a unique line of products to overcome their objections and fulfil their desires.

Introducing NAS Cosmetics

NAS Cosmetics produces NATURAL, AUSTRALIAN & SAFE make-up and is dedicated to educating women on the importance of our motto “Know your Ingredients”

As women, we are time and again disappointed with products that don’t live up to their promises nor our expectations.

NAS was created from a desire to overcome this disappointment, and to protect and nurture our skin by going back to nature. Used throughout tribal cultures all over the world and a combination of medieval and modern recipes. We developed unique formulas and blends to create an incredible product that women love.

Not ALL Natural or Mineral cosmetics are created equal or SAFE ….

Made in Australia, our luxurious formulations contain the finest ingredients sourced from around the globe, ensuring NAS Cosmetics mineral make-up products are second to none in performance and healthy skin management.  It’s these ingredients that make NAS Cosmetics unique and SAFE for our customers, while allowing skin to breathe, heal and function naturally.

Our mineral make-up is very different to commercial make-up and not just because it is chemical-free and safe.  Most people can wear NAS Cosmetics foundations in several different shades and still carry the ‘flawless’ look with each one.  Our 100% pure luxurious mineral cosmetics reflect light – like millions of tiny diamond mirrors – to hide fine lines and discolourations.  The minerals have a wider colour tolerance than most make-up. Skin will be healthy and will appear radiate and glowing.  Unlike today’s commercial cosmetics, which coat the skin with a layer of film, our mineral make-up is incredibly light to wear.

  • Blog post provided by Jennifer Hinds, NAS Cosmetics

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