Fresher water that supports physical wellbeing

LUVMYBOTTLE Revitalised Water is an environmentally sustainable way to enjoy hydrating your body. The LUVMYBOTTLE isn’t just an ordinary water bottle. There is a difference in how you feel after hydrating with LUVMYBOTTLE. We spoke with Stanley De Silva, the Merchant supplier about their revolutionary product.

What is LUVMYBOTTLE Revitalised Water?

Originating in Europe, the LUVMYBOTTLE is made from Food Grade Stainless Steel containing European Bio Resonance Technology that revitalises water. Water cell structure clusters get smaller, therefore is absorbed into our bodies faster. Ordinary tap water is transformed into fresh and natural water that tastes like Spring water. No need for boiling water or purchasing filters when you can transform tap water in 10 mins in this bottle. The longer you leave water in the bottle, the smoother it tastes, but the actual structure remains the same as of 10 mins.

How does it benefit me?

We often wonder what’s in our supermarket bottled water, but LUVMYBOTTLE solves this issue. This one-off purchase is an environmentally responsible choice, and there are no on-going costs associated with buying plastic water bottles. The primary benefit includes a noticeably fresher taste that supports physical wellbeing. It helps remove contaminants in the body to improve overall health. Not only can you use the LUVMYBOTTLE for water, but for any other beverages. Freshen up with revitalised juice, smoothies or even wine!

The bottle re-design allows a physically smaller bottle for convenience but still contains the same 750ml. The lid is now wooden to prevents leaks and ensure an easier and greener method to hydrate. To care for this bottle, wash in warm soapy water and put in the sun to dry without the lid. It’s not dishwater safe as the bottle has cellular electronic imprints in it, so remember to keep away from electronic power sources.

Our Ambassador Ross Walker is a big fan of this product. Ross tried LUVMYBOTTLE through recommendation and has been using it ever since. We asked Stanley De Silva his opinion of word of mouth marketing through InnerOrigin’s Advocates.

“Absolutely fantastic! Advocates are using LUVMYBOTTLE’S and have personal testimonials to share – so it works really well.” Stanley De Silva

LUVMYBOTTLE Revitalised Water

LUVMYBOTTLE Revitalised Water

Our goal is to see that everyone globally has access to the revolutionary LUVMYBOTTLE revitalised water. You can make a difference through ecological hydration and feel the benefits. Join the revolution and grab yourself a smart LUVMYBOTTLE today.