Make a difference by switching to these eco-friendly everyday essentials

Products that will save the earth

Karla MacLean – Sprocket & Steel

Kiara started Sprocket & Steel after she saw a documentary about the Garbage Island in the Pacific Ocean. She decided to do her part for the environment by creating eco-friendly stainless steel straws. Having only launched in October last year she’s already been headhunted by Maserati Australia to attend this year’s ‘All About Women‘ festival at the Opera House.

Products that will save the earth

Lisa Darveniza and Chrissie Charley (co-creators) – MANA Blend

MANA Blend was born of the vision to connect Mother Earth’s healing plant foods with people. Lisa and Chrissie spent three years developing the formula. They sourced the purest and most potent ingredients for MANA from around the world.

The end product resulted in a eco-friendly, potent, raw, organic superfood gathered from the best parts of the world. It gives the body it’s daily nutrients and helps connect the mind, body and soul. As one part evolves, the others follow. Drinking MANA helps to improve the physical which can have a domino effect on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels too. MANA Blend contains the healing knowledge of earth’s indigenous cultures.

Products that will save the earth

Ravi Narain – CitroLife

About 21 years ago, food technologist Ravi Narain made a breakthrough discovery that would change the future of modern living. His desire was to decrease the amount of chemicals used in food processing. Mr Narain took citrus pith and pulp and transformed it into a eco-friendly powerful anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant product called CitroFresh®.

This all natural active ingredient made entirely from plant based materials would become the foundation of CitroLife®. In 2004, Mr Narain’s CitroLife® technology became the first certified organic antimicrobial in the world. It’s been trialled and tested in numerous international laboratories to achieve a number of notable certifications and accreditations. Most importantly, it has been proven effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeast and fungi while being totally safe.

The protection of health in humans, animals and plants in a environmentally sustainable system is our vision for the future.” Says Ravi.