Mother Earth’s Superfood

Lisa Darveniza is founder and CEO at MANA Blend superfood. MANA Blend was created with the intention of bringing Mother Earth’s natural healing potential to todays world.

Lisa brings a twenty-year global background in holistic healing. She has also studied Eastern philosophy and has masters level training in Western counselling. She uses this knowledge alongside her gifted empathic ability to work with individuals to help dissolve blocks and access greater potential.

Lisa has immersed herself in many cultures and change philosophies over many years to find the right “keys” to help “unlock” individual consciousness. Her unwavering focus on this goal has equipped her with a powerful range of tools that assist in her transformative work with her clients.

In creating the superfood product MANA Blend superfood, the team has perfected “food-as-medicine”, targeting nutritional deficiencies and raising vibrational frequency, to fight disease and restore harmony.

About MANA Blend

MANA Blend is a synergistic combination of 11 of the most potent power-foods on the planet. Sourced from extremely pure environments under strict organic conditions, MANA delivers the very best nutrition available and provides you with an energy boost, packed with body-enriching goodness.

These famed healing plants have been tenderly grown and harvested without heat treatment to preserve all whole-food nutrition. They have been gathered, and often wild-crafted, from the far corners of the Earth and brought together in one ultimate and convenient blend.  MANA Blend superfood may be consumed in water, juice or a green smoothie on a daily basis, providing you with a level of nutrition not found in regular diets.

MANA Blend superfood is designed to heighten energy levels, gently detox, enhance immunity and create the optimum conditions for self-healing.