What makes Manuka Honey so powerful? Australia’s Manuka Honey is available at InnerOrigin. Blog post provided by Australia’s Manuka.

About ‘Australia’s Manuka’

We are a family run business specialising in Australian manuka honey. We have been collecting this amazing honey for over 15 years. We believe that Australia’s Manuka honey is one of the world’s strongest natural antibacterial honeys and has the ability to help counter bacteria that have become resistant to  antibiotics. We harvest and produce this premium, medical grade honey from the pristine coastal forests of northern NSW, Australia. All our manuka honeys are tested in independent laboratories in New Zealand and Australia to ensure activity and potency.

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Medical Grade Honey Benefits

Honey has been used for thousands of years for its nutritional value, delicious taste and healing properties. Only recently has medical science caught up and started to acknowledge honey and especially active medical grade honey for it’s amazing health benefits.

Australia’s Manuka 20+ ANTIBACTERIAL WOUND CARE is a pure and natural medical grade honey that has 2 proven antibacterial properties. It acts by inhibiting bacteria around the wound and surrounding skin surface and cleans by lifting dirt and debris away from the wound. It creates a moist, low pH wound healing environment, that reduces scab formation and scarring and also prevents the bandage from sticking to the wound surface during dressing changes.

Australia’s Manuka 20+ ANTIBACTERIAL WOUND CARE supports new tissue formation and assists wound healing by reducing inflammation by stimulating the release of cytokins that orchestrate the wound healing process. The active stable antibacterial ingredient methylgloxal(MGO) penetrates deeply into wound tissue. Suitable for burns, cuts and grazes.

How antibacterial honey assists wound healing

  • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria at the wound site
  • Provides a moist wound healing environment
  • Assists to lift debris and dirt away from the wound site
  • Helps to minimise scab formation and scarring
  • Provides a protective barrier between the dressing and the wound
  • Helps prevent sticking and irritation of the dressing to wound site
  • Antioxidants reduce damage caused by free radicles at the wound site
  • Stimulates cytokine release which reduces inflammation and speeds up the wound healing process

Activity Rating of Jellybush Honey

All our Active Jellybush honeys are tested at independent laboratories before packaging to ensure that high levels of hydrogen peroxide releasing enzymes and the Unique Leptospermum Factor +ULF(TM), activity are present.

At Tyagarah Apiaries our Active and Medicinal honeys are above the 15+ range of activity as we do not mixed or diluted to standardize for activity.

Seasonal variations in colour and texture of our Jelly bush Honey can occur due to the flowering of other plant species at the same time but the activity is always guaranteed.