Introducing Nikki Fogden-Moore, InnerOrigin's newest Advocate Ambassador

About Nikki

Meet Nikki a.k.a The Vitality Coach. Speaker, author & lifestyle coach, Nikki specialises in working with super driven individuals and companies to find the ultimate health & vitality – in business and in life.

Her Motto: Create The Life You Want

nikki fogden-moore innerorigin ambassador vitality coachHer Own Mantra: Think Like A CEO, Plan Like A Visionary, Act Like a Buddha.

Known as the Mojo Maker for high achievers – Nikki specialises in working with individuals and companies who strive to make a difference and impact in both business and personal vitality. She divides her time between private coaching, her Vitality Road Map Corporate Vitality program, Boardroom and bespoke retreats, workshops and presenting.

She has released a self-help book called VITALITY.

Nikki works across a variety of platforms and specialty products that over the past decade have become the core pillars of her presenting, writing, coaching and retreats. From The Vitality Coach Podcasts to her weekly blog, exclusive retreats, coaching and corporate vitality programs – to engage, inspire & connect.

Passionate, authentic and experienced Nikki is creating incredible results for her clients on an international platform.


“Create the life you want.”


Nikki’s vision is about empowering her clients and those around them with inspiration, knowledge and the support systems to make the best possible choices for their long-term health and wellbeing – bringing both business and personal vitality to life.

It’s all part of ensuring a positive impact to many so everyone can lead an educated and conscious life. Creating tangible, engaging and sustainable results.
When you unlock a few simple tools you end up living the life you love. I enjoy showing people how to do that and empowering them to make great decisions to be their personal best in business and in life. In some ways I feel my journey to share all this has just begun.

Nikki and InnerOrigin

Nikki is an InnerOrigin Advocate Ambassador and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.

“Collaborating with companies and platforms who are committed to conscious living, transparency of products, sourcing and a sense of shared purpose is vital for me as a leader in life. In a cluttered world with demanding schedules, it’s now more than ever we need a trusted source for the products we use in our home, put on our skin and the nutrition that forms part of our daily life. It’s a privilege to be part of a stellar ambassador team all living lives we love and leading by example.” Nikki Fogden-Moore

Nikki will also be taking part in the 51 Day Trio Detox Evolution Revolution challenge and sharing her journey on social media. If you would like to take part, register your interest online at

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