Want to feel what it’s like to have fantastic digestion?

Have you ever walked out the bathroom feeling totally relieved, your tummy has a wonderful lightness to it, and it feels so good that you actually want to tell somebody about it? Well Motion Potion helps form the perfect stool. It does a lot more than this too, but before we get to far into the workings of Motion Potion lets have a look why it’s so good!

Motion Potion is a Naturopathically formulated blend of:

  • Fibre (both soluble and insoluble)
  • Soothing Herbs
  • Alkalising Greens
  • Friendly Bacteria
  • Nourishing Prebiotics.

This magic combination forms a soft, slippery, pleasant tasting gel when mixed with water or juice. It is gentle on the sensitive walls of the digestive tract and is suitable for regular everyday use. Motion Potion helps supply your body with the essentials to maintain smooth, regular elimination. It does work like magic but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

The Motion Potion Story

 Motion Potion was developed by Mark Gavins during his Naturopathic practice over 20 years ago. During his private practice Mark became increasingly aware that all disease begins in the Bowel. His Naturopathic focus became all about digestion. Eliminate toxic waste stored in the intestines, heal the gut, and re-florinate with high quality, broad range probiotics. This is the foundation of wellness and the most important correction to make on the path to optimal health.

“The feedback we receive is phenomenal. I love helping people and Motion Potion is doing just that. People tell us all the time that Motion Potion has saved their life or that it has helped them immensely with their condition.  It makes me very happy that I am able to give in this way. Motion Potion works so well because it contains the essentials that are missing from the modern diet. These ingredients also strengthen the body’s natural digestive processes. Have a read of some of our testimonials and how it is helping people from all walks of life” Mark Gavins N.D.

Health Kultcha gives away tens of thousands of samples every year to people with digestive conditions all over the world. They believe that having a good sense of toilet humour is important, as bowel health, being a taboo subject, often keeps people from reaching out for help. Let’s get over it, everybody poops. Let’s not take it too seriously. We sincerely hope that Motion Potion supports you on your journey to health whoever and wherever you are.

Blog post provided by Health Kultcha.


Thanks to your Motion Potion the mystery pain i have had in my right side has vanished. It turned out to be Ileocecal valve syndrome which is the valve that opens and closes to let food pass from the small to the large intestine. The ingredients have relieved the pain and helped to heal the lining of the area which was inflamed and aggravated. Wished i had have come across it ages ago!!

I am 80 years old and have had an ache in the lower abdomen for sometime, My doctor suspects that it could be diverticulitis and ordered an endoscopy. I have been on Motion Potion for 7 days now and the ache has totally disappeared. I feel better in myself, my health has improved and I no longer get the dragging down feeling in my bowel. I feel I don’t even need the endoscopy as it all feels totally fine. Motion Potion is magic stuff. I love the mixture of herbs you have put in, they feel very soothing and gentle.

This is the best product I have found. I have been suffering for over 20 years.

Seriously AMAZING stuff!!! I have had problems for the last 2 years which have put a real strain on my quality of life. I received a sample pack from my local health food store thinking here we go, yet another product that wont help me – regardless I gave it a go. I was so wrong and I am SO GLAD that I was. Within 24 hours I felt a massive difference – I felt normal. You have no idea how grateful I am for this product. Well done and thank you. I am so glad that someone finally developed a product that actually works!

I tried a 3 day product trial of Motion Potion and I was impressed with how quickly I felt great! It made me realise I was sick of feeling “crap” and it’s time to do something about it. Thanks for a product that has it all!