Blog post provided by Nature’s Tribe founders Chris & Angus

Natures Tribe prides itself on manufacturing high quality all Australian Made chocolate products. Established in 1983 we specialised in supplying the high-end luxury market creating high quality handmade chocolates. Today, we utilise some of the most advanced and modern technology to supply the world with high quality healthy chocolates. Our chocolate scientists focus on crafting the most amazing healthy treats without Sugar to ensure our Chocolate can be added to a balanced healthy diet.

With 30 years of experience you can be assured Natures Tribe use only the finest ingredients in our chocolate range. We are licensed to use cocoa that is Rainforest Alliance certified, pure organic or fair trade registered and are free from any artificial colours and flavours.Paleo, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan and no hidden nasties! Our manufacturing facility is HACCP and SQF certified. We are also licensed to use the “Australian Made” logo.

Since 1987, the Rainforest Alliance has worked to build a global alliance of people who share their vision of strong forests and thriving communities. Today, they work with rural communities in 76 countries around the world to conserve forests, support sustainable livelihoods, and restore balance to the planet we call home. Nature’s Tribe Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa helps contribute to this cause.

Natures Tribe was one of the first to join Rainforest alliance in Australia: “When you follow the training of the Rainforest Alliance, your cocoa will grow and flourish. It can bring you a better life.” – Adrien Koffi Kouadio, cocoa farmer.

Farms that earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, protect shade trees, plant native species, maintain wildlife corridors and conserve natural resources. These farms also reduce their reliance on pesticides in favojr of biological and natural alternatives, and they are prohibited from using any banned pesticides.

Watch the video below to see the chocolate-making process!

Benefits of Cocoa Consumption

The concept that chocolate consumption can be had as part of a healthy diet is now wildly accepted. Cacao and dark chocolate supply, Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron, and Copper. Cacao contains the same antioxidants compounds found in fruits, veggies and nuts Cacao surpass the antioxidant qualities of Red Wine and Green Tea.  It can delay the onset of cardiovascular disease , Diabetes, and certain cancers

The Coca plant contains a serious of chemicals that interact with cell and tissue components. A case study done in Italy showed that the risk for myocardial infarction was inversely associated to chocolate consumption, reaching a 77% decrease in risk when comparing the population that ate more than three portions of chocolate per day with the population that consumed less than 1 per day. Cocoa research shows its most effective, Flavanols, Hypertension, Oxygen Radicals, Antioxidant Cardiovascular Health.

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About the creator, Angus Suttie


“I have been making chocolate for 35 years now. Started producing Classicaln, a small boutique shop in North Sydney and within a year we moved to Rose Bay. I was hand making chocolates and chocolate truffles, and started making ice cream and sorbet.

In the early 1990’s we started a more commercial chocolate factory. We swapped from ice cream to cookies as we no longer had a shop. Nearly all our production was exported to Japan and Singapore. Our only sales in Australia were to David Jones and Myer.

In the late 90’s we also made chocolates to raise funds for Sydney’s Olympic bid then after for Sydney Olympic games. We continued to sell mainly overseas up to 2009.

We have been making chocolates in Padstow since 2008 where we can produce 1,500kgs per hour. In January 2017 through the influence of my wife and daughter I started on creating the Natures Tribe range.” – Angus Suttie