Blog post by Caroline Stabury, Founder of Smitten Cosmetics

As part of our commitment to InnerOrigin Smitten has reformulated its unique Whipped Mousse Foundation, Bronzer and Illuminator. We could not be happier and we know you will be too. Smitten Whipped Mousee is now 100% natural, vegan, with amazing new ingredients, which have been chosen to make this product even better than it was before. We have kept the things that were amazing about it; texture, botanical oils and minerals but have added natural emulsifying waxes a natural preservative and new essential oils. We’ve added ‘happy’ and calming essential oils for their gorgeous scents as well as their ability to calm our minds and also be therapeutic on the skin.

We have also completely changed how it if formulated… which is of course TOP SECRET.Remember Smitten Whipped Mousse is a completely unique formulation. We have dispersed the pigments in a particular was to give even coverage. Reflective cosmetic grade mica minerals have been incorporated to give a luminous glow.


  • Lightweight treatment foundation
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 100% Natural & Vegan skinfood
  • Luminous matte finish

New Ingredients and what they do

Olivem 1000

Anatural emulsifying wax derived from Olive oil. It is PEG-Free, preservative free, non-ionic and it is not ethoxylated. It is chemically similar to the lipid composition of the skin’s surface, deeply moisturising and has excellent spreadability.

Lanette O Wax

A vegetable derived emulsifying wax mainly used in cosmetics for viscosity regulation in oil in water solutions such as light lotions and creams.


A natural, vegetable-based product that is an excellent liquid preservative for cosmetic formulations. It is easy to use with excellent resistance to microbial contamination. It has a pleasant, sweet, almond-like aroma and as it is classed as a natural fragrance, your product can be labelled ‘preservative free’ while remaining a safe, stable product.

Geranium Bourbon

Essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Geranium plant to produce a 100% pure, undiluted essential oil with no additives or fillers. Abilities to help balance the mind during times of agitation, as well as sadness. Geranium Bourbon blends well with other oils to create synergies that are therapeutic and effective. This gentle oil is great for skin and aiding to balance and alleviate all skin types. It is also a supreme choice to help women during times of menstrual discomfort and emotional duress.


The perfect essential oil for when you need a break from the world.. It is one of the most comforting and effective essential oils when dealing with grief, nervous tension, or exhaustion. Neroli is often used in skincare preparations to promote a healthy complexion. Neroli can help reduce the appearance of scarring, wrinkles and blemishes, all while minimizing the look of pores and supporting new cell growth.

Sweet Orange

Orange Sweet is most commonly known for its wonderful uplifting and calming scent. It just feels like a “happy” oil!. It can also help support normal function of the immune system.

What’s still in the formulations


Rosehip Oil contains a high amount of vitamin E, vitamin A and essential fatty acids which promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase and assists with cell regeneration.

Vitamin E

It is an antioxidant. It is an excellent moisturiser. Due to its protective properties against Free Radicals, it is believed to be very beneficial in anti-aging and skin conditioning.


A liquid wax protective wax produced by human skin that helps keep it smooth, supple and moisturised. Jojoba mimics the skin’s natural oils and can penetrate deep into the skin layers.