New Organic Raw Paleo Bars from Eclipse Organics

Eclipse organics has proudly launched their Certified Organic Raw Paleo Bars. With the support and requests of many of their valued customers they developed a range of bars to meet the needs and want of their customers. Creator Brett Monaghan said “We listened to our customers and developer the Eclipse Bar, a health range of raw paleo and superfood bars. We went raw and paleo with these bars to give our customers a clean healthy energy snack bar that they can each every day without guilt”.

The Eclipse Bar is Australia’s first Australian Certified Organic Bar. The Eclipse Organics Crew make these Raw Paleo Bars in their Kitchens in the Beautiful Hawkesbury Valley west of Sydney. Eclipse Bars are made by hand and fresh to order. This responsive manufacturing model differs from the mass contract factory processing of most other food bars on the market.

Brett Monaghan says ‘By creating and making these bars in our own kitchen with a small dedicated team we are able to make bars to fresh to order each week. This allows us to create a food bar that has a fresh taste and texture similar to a bar made at home’.

When you look at the ingredient list of Eclipse Bars you will see a short list of renowned superfoods including, chia seeds, nuts, seeds, raw cacao, coconut and dates among others.

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The Eclipse story from the founder Brett:

brett Eclipse Organics

“I lived worked in Europe for the first ten years since the year 2000 and quickly learned that the Italians and French didn’t eat Muesli for breakfast as I was used to back home.

I realised I would have to make my own Muesli or go without. My first muesli creations were born and became my brekky staple for the next decade.

When time came for a change and I moved back home to Australia. In my first week back I ran into Jonny, a great friend from my past. We picked up our friendship where we left off. Jonny waited as I took some time off to find my new path in the world.

I again ate Muesli from local stores but my taste buds had been spoilt. Store bought muesli was different from what I had created in Europe. The Muesli search was on again! With no luck.

I realised there was a place for an Australian Muesli, made without compromise and loaded with quality organic ingredients.

Jonny’s attention to detail came together with my creative talents. We became a team, created our first Muesli and Eclipse Organics was born.”