Introducing ‘What Makes You Tick’, a NEW Podcast Series with 7x World Surfing Champion, Layne Beachley is now available Exclusively right here with InnerOrigin.
⁠Inside the minds of World Champions, Layne Beachley explores and discovers what really makes them tick.⁠ Be inspired by Leading Professionals and enjoy a laugh, with raw and real conversations. ⁠

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About Sharon Anyos

“I have had a life that has allowed me to compete and see many areas of the world and build a network of incredible people that I could not even place a number on.  Places like USA, Mexico, UK, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Bahamas have gifted me so much life and profession experience that I count my blessing daily. 

I have had the ability to meet, listen and learn from Business Leaders, Profession Athletes, Movie Stars and most importantly people inside communities.  I have heard their cries of what holds them back and I created The Born Limitless Institute.  Where people come to learn how to biohack or completely rewire their thought process and belief system to dramatically shift their results in every area of your life. “

In a world where there is so much confusion and manipulation by many companies and brands around the Term ‘Organic” for their own personal gain.  Inner Origin is THE platform that allows me to feel safe.  This revolutionary platform WILL become the Amazon of HEALTH that removes all confusion and allow families that place of authenticity that we have been missing in the marketplace for way to many decades. I am proud to stand for families who can now shop online with complete confidence knowing that every product is wholesome and natural and there are ZERO nasties that play havoc inside our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.  – Sharon Anyos