Blog post by Teresa McDowell, founder of Hemp Hemp Hooray

As the saying goes, ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’, so to nurture and protect the delicate area around the eyes we have lovingly created the ‘Precious Eye Emulsion’ product.

The thin skin around the eyes lacks moisture and can be prone to ageing due to its fragile structure. The low levels of collagen and elastin fibres also means the eye area is one of the first to sag or wrinkle. The eye area can also experience dryness and if you are seeing wrinkles or other signs of ageing then you most likely need to hydrate the skin.

Hemp seed oil is a deeply penetrating and moisturising oil, rich in essential fatty acids which strengthen the natural barrier of the skin.  Aloe vera concentrate and Rosehip oil are excellent emollients which soothe and calm the skin.

High in antioxidants, carrot healing oil helps protect your skin from environmental stressors.

A synergy of organic essential oils considered to be anti-ageing work to revitalise and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Fennel is an anti-ageing essential oil with restorative properties.  A member of the carrot family it is believed snakes also eat wild fennel to restore eyesight when shedding their skin!

Cypress – when it comes to reducing puffiness under the eye’s cypress oil is ideal due to its anti-oedema properties that help relieve fluid retention.

Chamomile – anyone with skin sensitivities will benefit from chamomile’s calming properties. The antioxidant and detoxing properties of this essential oil may also help reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Madarin is considered to be one of the mildest citrus essential oils, being NON-phototoxic it won’t leave the skin susceptible to light/sun damage like other citrus oils.   It helps to brighten dull skin, uplifting tired eyes.

Choosing an eye cream that nourishes and repairs can benefit your healthy skin care regime greatly, be sure however to apply the cream the right way to avoid irritation or damage.

Avoid exerting too much pressure around the eye area by using your ring or fourth finger to gently pat the cream on the skin in a circular motion on your orbital bone (the area on your face that is in between the under-eye area and the highest point of your cheekbone).  If you are pulling or moving the skin when applying the eye emulsion you may be doing it too hard.