Blog post written by Anikiko, from True Voice Global.

As an InnerOrigin Customer or Advocate you are aligned and resonate with the message of make food your medicine. Those who are drawn to the message of this platform share the life transformative experiences of how making food their medicine changed that which the medical model would have seen “unlikely” recovery, or “medically improbable”. You have defied the odds and treated your body as the temple it is or have at least aspired to doing so.

Imagine if we could let medicine happen not just through food but through sound and music that harbours the frequencies needed for heart, brain and body harmony so that you can thrive on a whole new level? Imagine if you could instantly shift your state, therefor your fate and outcomes to create the fulfilled life you dreamed but allowing your unconscious mind and energy system literally PULL in and MAGNETISE to you the very things you have desired for so long?

I love sitting with those images and letting my mind and energy expand while I breathe and write this. In fact as I write all my posts related to powerful messages I want to share, I sit and breathe and totally expand my energy into that which I am sharing.

How is it so that whatever I give feels so good to give? Because I made a choice that I was not going to do something that would not feel good in sharing. I also made a choice that i wanted to share efficient and enjoyable ways of transformation with millions of people so they to could find peace, shift trauma and get to feel inspired and live the life they love.

If it feels good in me, raises my vibration and my state, then it will serve others also! How could it not with the intention of raising vibration and consciousness behind it?

As you increase your consciousness, vibration and state through the food you eat, the thoughts you entertain, the people and community you contribute to and surround yourself with, you may start to notice the inner ecosystem of your body, mind and spirit function optimally and you start to make new choices. You start to attract new opportunities that reflect your vibration and resonance.

Music Nutrition was consciously created with the intention, engineering and expertise to help you easily resonate with, receive the frequencies and the messages within the live recordings of transformations. I am so excited to share information, education and tools to support and catalyse growth so you can get the results in your life faster than ever before.

I invite you to set an intention that makes your heart smile and fell fulfilled, then check out the bundles we have on the platform here and read which description of which transformation or several stand out. Have fun and receive!

You can purchase Music Nutrition from InnerOrigin.