"Transform your health through healing your gut"

Sally Joseph’s Bio

sally joseph love my gut ambassadorSally Joseph is a leading Australian Clinical Nutritionist, speaker, author and industry technical consultant, with over 17 years experience in private practice. Sally has worked with people from all walks of life, including celebrities like Miranda Kerr, INXS, world champion surfer Layne Beachley, former Australian cricket captain Michael Slater and TV personality and model, Lara Bingle.

“To me there is no greater gift in life than the gift of good health, and if nothing else, I hope my story will inspire you to embrace the changes you need to get the best out of your health and live a long and happy life.”

Sally was inspired to become a Clinical Nutritionist after using diet and nutritional medicine to overcome her own battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as two autoimmune diseases – Lupus and Hashimoto’s and a pituitary adenoma. Today, Sally is widely recognized as an expert in digestive health, thyroid and autoimmune disorders.

She is a regular contributor to the media and recently published her book Love Your Gut – a 28 day program designed to overhaul your health through healing your gut, including 106 recipes, weekly meal plans and a healthy grocery guide.  Love Your Gut is an extension of her popular online nutrition and gut health program – Eat Yourself Healthy.

Sally Joseph is the author of Love Your Gut. This book is a complete guide to transforming your overall health and losing weight for life, simply through healing your gut. The book offers practical tips and advice on how to improve your overall wellbeing through healthy eating, optimal digestion and a revolutionary 28-day program designed to burn body fat, boost energy, switch off inflammation, improve mood, banish the bloat and clear your skin.

Sally and InnerOrigin

We would like to thank Sally for partnering with InnerOrigin and sharing our values that a healthy body is made from the inside out.

“Inner Origin provides a much needed and vital contribution to the often confusing health and wellbeing industry. Consumers can finally take comfort in the knowledge  that every product they stand behind represents truth on label.”

Sally’s book, Love Your Gut, is available to buy on the InnerOrigin store.

“This book is dedicated to all those people who have struggled to find answers to their health.” – Sally Joseph