InnerOrigin founder and COO, Sally-Anne Ferguson interviews Sam Hunter from “the Tomato pill company” about how dealing with his health issues changed his life. Not just his health but his business as well.

 Content provided by Sam Hunter, from Ateronon.


Sally-Anne Ferguson: Tell me how all this started Sam?

Sam Hunter: “I have a family history of heart problems. About 5 years ago I was told my widow maker artery was 50% blocked. My Doctors recommended a statin. I decided it was time to understand what I was being asked to do, I wanted to take some control of the direction I was being advised to take.

Like most people these days who’ve just received some bad health news, I jumped online and began searching for answers. I started “googling” to understand how my problem works and what can be done. I wanted to understand the role of the statin. I found out that the statin reduces the LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing the body’s ability to accumulate fatty materials in the vascular system. You need LDL cholesterol to be healthy, and found the side effects of statins and went looking for something better.

That’s when I found the health benefits of Lycopene, which naturally come from the humble tomato. That’s when I started to buy what I considered to be the best Lycopene product in the world from the UK, a product which had a bioavailable lycopene. Lycopene is difficult for the body to absorb so bioavailability is indeed a big issue. I could feel the benefits and I began to call other people also buying the product from the UK. They also spoke of the benefits.”

Sally-Anne Ferguson: But here’s where Sam’s story is unique. After researching the health benefits of lycopene – he went one step further, he bought the rights to sell the product in Australia and NZ. Just like the famous slogan from Victor Kiam at Remington, he was so impressed, he bought the company. Well, close enough anyway.

Sam Hunter: “There was so much evidence of Lycopene helping I stopped my consulting business and became what people call me now “Sam the Tomato man”. I could not find a Lycopene product in Australia which was as rigorously tested for its many effects. Lycopene oxidises when exposed to oxygen so packaging and the manufacturing process need to protect the Lycopene. I could not find a product in Australia which had evidence of this protection as most products were tablets in bottles which let the Lycopene mix with oxygen and oxidise.” When the pill was first released for sale in the UK, it was hailed by the British media as a potential “lifesaver”.

  • “Super pill is key to living longer” – Daily Express
  • “Tomato pill hope for stopping heart disease” – BBC News
  • “Could cut heart attack risk” – Sky News
  • “Cuts heart and stroke risk- a lifesaver” – The Sun

Fast facts:

  • Cardiovascular disease affects around 1.4 million Australians
  • Heart problems claimed the lives of 19,766 Australians (13% of all deaths) in 2013-  the single leading cause of death.
  • Heart attacks kill 54 Australians each day, or one person every 27 minutes.
  • It is estimated over 350,000 Australians have had a heart attack at some time in their lives – with 54,000 new cases every year. This equates to one heart attack every 9 minutes.

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