Karma for your skin.

About the Founder, Courtney Black

Courtney has over 15 years business experience in Canada and Australia, working across various business disciplines including marketing, events, communications and business development.

Upon completing a four year degree in Information Technology Management, Courtney joined one of Canada’s largest Banks, TD Waterhouse, in the wealth management division starting as a Marketing Liaison and later progressing into Events and Communications.  In 2003, whilst on annual leave, Courtney joined Cross Cultural Solutions, a non-profit organisation. She travelled to Costa Rica as a volunteer working with and teaching under privileged children in day care centres and orphanages across the country for a period of four weeks.

This eye opening experience inspired Courtney to explore more of the world and in January 2005 she arrived in Australia for a short holiday. After falling in love with Australia, Courtney decided to pursue her career in Queensland and followed her passion for health and beauty where she worked as a Marketing Assistant Later appointed Franchise Manager of Beauty Spa Club responsible for the daily management and operations of the business across Australia and Asia.

In 2009 Courtney moved to Melbourne to work for Australia’s largest franchise day spa network, endota spa. Here she successfully opened 10 day spas across the country and after 12 months was appointed as an Area Manager and looked after over 30 spa businesses.

After 4 years with endota Courtney decided to take on a new challenge with L’Oreal  in managing the launch of the Clarisonic brand across Australia which achieved a 300% growth over 12 months. However, shortly after Courtney realised her own business and charitable goals during a 2 week safari across Uganda. She discovered the amazing healing powers of Shea Nilotica and immediately saw an opportunity to bring the product to Australia and transform the lives of others.


SHEER SHEA Butter comes from a shea nut called Nilotica found in Eastern Africa Uganda extracted straight from the source of the Nile. The shea nut tree is known locally as the ‘moo-yahoo tree’ which are grown naturally in Uganda and bare fruit once a year. Shea butter nuts are wild harvested by the local women then washed and dried in the sun. Processing is 100% chemical free ensuring a pure, natural and organic end product.

SHEER SHEA butter from Uganda is sweeter in aroma and has significantly higher content of olein which contains most of the therapeutic substances found in Shea butter. It is luxuriously softer with a creamier texture compared to the West African Shea butter (Paradoxa) which has to be rubbed with frictional heat. Nilotica Shea butter is unique and precious, a blend of natural compounds with unparalleled healing and moisturising effects on the skin.

Other differences include:

  • A superior moisturiser, lighter and readily absorbed into the skin and hair
  • Its unique fatty acid profile gives it the ability to moisturise and retain the elasticity of the skin
  • Non greasy, non comedogenic and will not clog your pores
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft and well-moisturized
  • Production process is 100% free from chemical treatment – West African Shea butter is NOT!
  • Shelf life of 2 years after opening
  • 100% Certified Organic – USDA certification which is the highest in the World

SHEER SHEA is available at InnerOrigin.