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Blog post provided by Caroline Stanbury, Smitten Cosmetics

“My passion, along with my family, has always been around helping women look and feel their best. With over 30 years in the fashion and beauty industry I am doing just that. I’ve been in business for myself all my working life. Some people call me and entrepreneur, I mainly just think of myself as a crazy woman who had some big ideas! I went from owning a chain of clothing stores to launching my own cosmetic range… as you do. After suffering post natal depression after the birth of my second child, I was faced with needing and wanting to work but not really knowing what to do. Doctors had advised I needed to do something ‘calmer’. It was during this time of self reflection that I worked out I wasn’t good at sales, I was good with people. I loved being around other women, making them feel good came naturally and in the process I healed myself and found a new vocation I retrained as a beauty therapist and opened a beauty salon.

When starting my beauty salon; I had a vision of what I wanted to offer clients in terms of skincare and makeup. It was naturally based, effective and reasonably priced products, though I found it difficult turning that vision into reality. During my training I had become very aware and conscious of what was in beauty products. I was amazed at the difference a botanical oil based skincare range made on my clients skin in comparison to more commercial brands. I was stocking a organic makeup brand in my salon and I loved the mineral foundations but their packaging and marketing was so boring. Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it has to be dull. I also had a whole contingent of young girls who would come for a weekly spray tan. I started to notice that some weeks their skin would have broken out from the previous week. When I began to question them there was a common theme. They would tell me that they had had a really ‘big’ weekend… so I thought about this and surmised firstly alcohol isn’t good for the skin, plus there was probably some bad food choices and lack of sleep, which can make you prone to breakouts. But the big eye opener for me was they admitted not always taking their makeup off.

So being the motivated and resourceful woman that I am, I decided I would make my own mineral makeup line that would not harm a women’s skin. This is where the Smitten way began. What we bring to InnerOrigin is a complete professional range and the tools that you need to make your business successful. My reason for propelling myself forward every day and sprucing the Smitten experience is my unrelenting passion for making sure that women look after themselves and showing you that beauty is skin deep – literally. I love to make ‘normal’ women feel good about themselves. That’s what my aim always is – help each woman find her own unique kind of beautiful!

I was asked a year or so ago what was my mission in life: “Honestly… to love what I do, have enough time to enjoy my kids, husband, family and friends whilst I’m doing it and to help other women to have this too. If Smitten can put a smile on someone’s face, make someone feel a little better about who they are, or even just give a busy Mum an extra couple of minutes in her day… then my mission is complete.” I honestly look forward to being able to share my passion for my products, my brand and help you all learn what it is to be Smitten!”

By Caroline Stanbury

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