Blog post provided by Smitten Cosmetics founder, Caroline Stanbury.

“The conception of our beautiful Whipped Mousse products began in my other business my beauty salon. I had a whole contingent of young girls who would come for a weekly spray tan I started to notice that some weeks their skin would have broken out from the previous week. When I began to question them there was a common theme. They would tell me that they had had a really ‘big’ weekend… so I thought about this and surmised firstly alcohol isn’t good for the skin, plus there was probably some bad food choices and lack of sleep which can make you prone to breakouts. But the big eye opener for me was they admitted not always taking their makeup off.

When I began to research what was in main stream liquid foundation (and we are talking big brand names that all the young ones are fixated on) I was appalled. No wonder these poor girls skins were breaking out. I already had a mineral foundation range but for the life of me couldn’t get my young girls to use it. They all were after Liquid foundation. With a background in sales and marketing, and recognising there was a gap in the market for a Liquid mineral foundation. Combined with my experience as a beauty therapist taught me that we needed Australian made foundation. We need to address Australian women’s main skin concerns which are rejuvenation and pigmentation. So being the motivated and resourceful woman that I am I decided I would make my own. Then well this is where the Smitten way begins…luck followed seeing me team up with Australia’s most innovative and on trend manufacturer to develop the unique Whipped Mousse Foundation and launch the Smitten Makeup range in 2013.

Our Whipped Mousse foundation and colour range is ‘one of a kind’…unique! Exclusive to Smitten Cosmetics! It is quite literally a mousse like consistency, The carefully thought out choice of ingredients the combination of botanical oils of Rosehip, Jojoba and Vitamin E, as well as a potent, treatment moisturiser and our pure, stunning Australian minerals make this a Treatment foundation second to none! Oh and yes it’s 15+, we’ve addressed what Australian women needed for their skin. We call it quite simply…skin food. Whipped Mousse Foundation is available in 5 colours, and also offer Whipped Cheeks Illuminator, Bronzer, Blush and Contour liquid.”

Why Whipped Mousse Products are Unique

  • The mousse like consistency of the products
  • The foundation smoothes onto the skin like no other foundation. It goes on like butter and dries to a matte finish
  • The Illuminator, Bronzer and Blush are simple and easy to apply and are multi purpose. The mousse products are a powerful natural based treatment moisturiser and Australian minerals.
  • All minerals are 100% Australian made, Flawless matte finish, and Weightless texture
  • Powerful moisturising capabilities of skin enhancing ingredients including Rosehip, Almond and Jojoba oils and Shea Butter
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E, SLS and Paraben free
  • The benefits of an anti-ageing cream with an immediate tone improver and full makeup coverage.

Renowned Makeup artist James Vincent (who can claim Lady Gaga and Joan Jett as clients) says: “Smitten Cosmetics mousse collection is beautiful…the formulation is so amazing it goes onto the skin like butter… it goes onto the skin and looks like skin. My boyfriend told me not to come back to America with any makeup, because I’ve got a whole cupboard full, but I had to buy the whole collection of these. I can put this on any client of any age and it just looks like skin. And I can build it up under the eye where I want coverage and sheer it out over the rest of the face.”
– Sunday 29th June Pro Makeup and Beauty show Brisbane “My Collection” talk.