Development of the Soléo Organics sunscreen formula began in 2005 to offer consumer an alternative to common synthetic sunscreens. The product has been innovatively formulated according to Naturopathic principles without the use of any chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide, or synthetic preservatives. The Soleo Organics formula is a unique combination of cutting edge science with all natural ingredients.

Natural Science

Australia made and owned, Soléo Organics is totally free of synthetic chemicals, formulated according to Naturopathic principles using only organic and natural ingredients, neutrally scented and has a low skin irritation factor suitable for babies, children, pregnant women and all those with sensitive skin.

Key ingredients are specially selected based on scientific research. Skin Elements choose not to use any of the following: parabens or any other synthetic preservatives, chemical UV-absorbers, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or colours, synthetics surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate, genetically modified ingredients or ingredients containing synthetics by-products.

Innovatively Designed

Soléo Organics is innovatively designed with a patented non-whitening clear zinc (micronised) to reflect both UV-A and UV-B solar radiation, while providing all natural moisturising care for your skin. Fortified with botanical extracts and anti-oxidants that care for your skin.

Eco Friendly

Soléo Organics is environmentally friendly from its packaging to its contents. The Soléo Organics packaging material and container vessel are made from 100% recyclable material. The contents of Soléo Organics are 100% all natural and biodegradable

Protect your family this summer naturally with Soleo Organics. Now available for purchase at InnerOrigin.