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The Wake Up Workout™

Welcome to a kick start exercise plan for any level of fitness. The Wake Up Workout™. My goal is to inspire you make some basic exercise a part of your daily life. As a true Fitpreneur.

Easy to integrate and maintain at any level of fitness, I designed this about a decade ago for my super busy clients who were full of excuses on why they couldn’t find time to workout. #noexcuses is what I said back and put this little short and impactful session together.

No Gym Required.

A simple set of exercises that were easy to do any where, any time–with great results. This combination kick starts metabolism, builds core strength and renews body awareness. Wohoo! Where do you sign up? Well it’s all right here :).

It must be more than 10 years now and still going strong! Plus on my client polls it’s voted “most effective express fit session” from individuals to corporate groups. Awesome!  Let’s get you started asap.


It will be your secret weapon!


My Wake Up Workout Tips™

  1. First thing in the morning is the ideal time to kick start your metabolism, but any time of day is fine as long as you focus on technique.
  2. Start with 7 days in a row then ideally every second day to maintain results.
  3. Ideally you should be combining this with positive healthy nutrition and regular exercise that targets cardio, muscle tone and gives your body an increase in energy levels.
  4. Have fun while exercising and your overall fitness will improve without you knowing it! The secret to having your best body ever is living a healthy lifestyle

 “Make it a part of you life and run your body like you do your business, by planning time in your day”

The Wake Up Workout includes these 5 Exercises – all focusing on QUALITY of technique not quantity…

  1. The Plank
  2. The Classic Crunch
  3. The Push Up
  4. The Lower Ab Lift
  5. Childs Pose

1. The Plank

Rest on your forearms with your body in one line from head to hip, to heel.

Tighten abs and come onto toes. Push through to your toes engaging core and all muscles from top to toe. Keep your hips in line with your shoulders. See more options on the next pages for more advanced core strengthening. Technique is more important than time.

Keep your eyes ‘soft’ and focus on your breathing. Start with 5-10 seconds and build up to 60 seconds. Repeat if time permits.

2. The Classic Crunch

This one is from the American Council of Exercise and used in their basic fitness testing as it isolates the abs. It’s about
small movements and relaxing your head into your hands.

Start position is with your shoulders and head slightly raised. Lie so the middle of your back is firmly on the ground–push your belly button towards your spine.

Hands behind your head but elbows back at all times.

This is really important. Imagine balancing a plate on your forehead.

Pulse up towards the ceiling/sky–looking up all the time. Raise your upper body off the ground in small controlled movements–keep this tension until you reach 15 to 30 reps then come down completely to rest. Repeat. 30 to 50 reps x 3 is ideal if you have the time.

3. The Push Up

Remember what muscles you are working. Keep your hands wide at all times and make sure your back is long with a full body extension. Even for the kneeling option a long torso and wide hand position still applies.

I know that most people say bring your hands in but for this Wake up Workout we really want to work all across the chest and back area to help with people who are on the computer a lot. Open out the chest not close it off further.

The closer the grip the more you work the smaller chest muscles–the wider ensures you work the full chest and shoulder area.

  • Keeping body in one line, head in line with spine–take your feet just within shoulder width and hands wider that shoulder width.
  • Complete full push up then back to start.

Hold abs tight and stable to prevent any strain in lower back. Start with 5 and build up to 25 x 3 repeats.

Feeling strong? Then put one foot on the other for an alternative super push up.

4. The Lower Ab Lift

Deceptively difficult! The smaller the movement the better results. Lie on your back, hands resting by your sides or behind your head.

Eyes to the ceiling/sky again.

  • With hips and knees in line and extend legs to start position,feet at to the sky–toes extend/flex towards you.
  • Lift pelvis of the ground in small movements, hold slightly off the ground at the end of each rep–only come back down at the end of the set. Technique is more important than speed.

Try 5 perfect ones and build to 25 x 3 repeats if you have the time.

This is a good exercise to do with someone else to spot you to make sure your feet/legs stay as straight as possible and you push up to the sky rather than out.

These are really small muscles in your lower abs so need isolated movements.

5. Child Pose

Roll gently onto your knees and hands.

  • Place forehead to the floor and gently place your hands by your sides palms facing up, or stretched out in front of you palms down (as shown).
  • Breathe in.

Exhale slowly and deliberately.

Relax here for at least 10 counts of breath in and out. Take your time to roll up from hips to shoulders.

No Gym Required.

My programs are created to fit seamlessly into your life. Whether you’re working out on your own, with two, three or more, we help you find the tips and tools to achieve the body you want and keep it that way. My biggest advice is just do something and start with 1% of your day – 15minutes.

It’s not about short term diets and quick fixes or spending hours in the gym on autopilot–but lifestyle changes and lasting results.


Welcome to feeling fantastic.

Coach Nikki x

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