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Nature’s Child was born in Byron Bay, north coast of NSW. This 100% ACO Certified Organic Baby Skincare range, including organic cotton accessories is now available at the InnerOrigin Store. Before you think you don’t need to know about baby products for lack of a little one in your home, think again – because it turns out a few of these best sellers have a huge adult following.

Top 6 Nature’s Child baby products to buy for yourself


As the only fully ACO Certified Organic Baby or Body Powder on the shelves right now for adults or babies, discerning customers are choosing the silky soft baby powder for themselves! Powder is the ultimate body product to prevent chafing and reduce moisture fast so while it is ideal at nappy change time. Many adults use baby powder after showering as part of a personal care routine so next time you are running low, grab a tube and discover how much softer this one is than most powders on the market.


Suitable to assist with all itching, rashes, dry skin, dry lips, dribble chins and burns. Wonder Balm has become the adult staple in many houses that need just one healing balm for the many skin incidents that happen in every family. Oncology patients are finding it helpful for lip sores and rough skin. It is the perfect new baby present still by the way for every bump and scratch that any family with a new baby and toddlers understands.


The softness will blow you away. Made for fresh newborn skin, the soft towelling on one side and brushed flannel on the other has meant these are the most affordable and durable face washers on the market. At least this is how adults are adapting them. The Pkt 4 is ideal for your family for any occasion.


It can help to relieve skin itches to help you get through any skin problem. Your naturopath should be consulted if you have an itchy bottom as it usually indicates fungal or yeast allergies or it could be parasites leaving your body during a detox. If your anus is itching regularly, see your naturopath as you may have a Gluten sensitivity or other reason that your GP is not able to diagnose.


This is exactly what I use as my hand wash at my bathroom sink so I should not have been surprised when I heard adults were loving it too. Why would I use another product when I have made the purest and best? I love the pump, it is easy to use and I love the silky feel that these simple 4 ingredients create. If you like smells, add 3 – 6 drops of your favourite essential oil to the bottle and shake.


Do you find your legs are very dry? Especially on your shins? I find a quick rub on my arms and legs gets them soft quickly without the greasy feeling. If you feel greasy then you are using too much. Dry shins and legs are common in adults who don’t have enough yummy fats in their internal bodies. Consume Flaxseed or Hemp oil or Coconut Oil to moisturise your tummy while using this in small amounts on the outside until the dryness fades.

Our babies are born pure, lets keep them pure with certified organic baby products.

Jannine says “our babies are born pure so it just makes sense to use the very best and very purest on their skin. All parents want this but many are hoodwinked by the green washing on fake organic products in our supermarkets. Discerning, educated customers know better and now trust platforms such as InnerOrigin for real truth on labeling.”

Nature’s Child is a 100% ACO Certified Organic Baby Skincare range is the first of its kind in glass bottles and cardboard packaging for complete purity. Our ingredients and packaging meet our strict criteria of ZERO WASTE – ZERO HARM which is our vision for a better planet for our babies to inherit

Now…since we are talking about baby products, lets get back to our pure newborn babies and their needs.

natures child baby products skin

Explore the Full Range of Organic Baby Products on the InnerOrigin Store including:

  1. The Ultimate Organic Gift Box – The ideal for baby shower or newborn gift as it includes most of the products below for both mum and baby
  2. Organic Bottom Balm – 45g and 85g for the big fans
  3. Organic Wonder Balm
  4. Organic Baby Powder
  5. Organic Baby Massage Oil
  6. Organic Baby Wash
  7. Organic cotton breast pads in 2 sizes Regular and Large
  8. Organic Nipple Balm
  9. Organic cotton baby wipes
  10. Organic cotton face wipes

Our babies are born pure, lets keep them pure with certified organic baby products.

– Blog post provided by Nature’s Child.