New product & service exclusive to InnerOrigin

Launching truly yours, the new Product & Services to InnerOrigin. DNA Tests and Reports for nutrition and fitness. The following blog post is provided by truly yours, Imagene Labs.

DNA is your unique inbuilt instruction manual that tells every cell in your body what to do. Your DNA is unique to you. Knowing your genetic profile helps you customise your skin care, diet and fitness plan, and focus on what you really need.

Imagene Labs, Singapore, January 4 2018, has entered into a partnership agreement with InnerOrigin in Australia for the sale of its proprietary DNA wellness kits and services into the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) markets. Dr Mun Yew Wong, Managing Director of Imagene Labs, states that InnerOrigin’s focused and strategic community-based approach makes it a strong partner to introduce their Truly Yours home DNA kits into the ANZ wellness market. Imagene Labs is the leader and innovator in development and assessment of unique wellness based DNA kits. These easy to use home DNA kits require a simple saliva sample, and focus on skin, nutrition and fitness insights. Each user is provided with a personalized report featuring customised lifestyle, dietary and fitness recommendations, based on the individual’s kit results. Imagene Labs takes it one step further by offering the unique proposition of customising skin care and wellness solutions based on these results, and in doing so, aim to provide a more effective and beneficial product, compared to the standard one-size-fits-all approach in beauty and wellness.

How it works:

Truly Yours DNA kits are designed for home use. trulyFIT and trulyNUTRI DNA tests are available. It is non-invasive, easy and painless to use. All you need to do is provide is a sample of your saliva, and we’ll do the rest! Receive your DNA Report with customised supplements and action plans.

About the Reports


15 insights, 110 genes tested.

Reports tests for your Athletic Performance, Weight Management, Injury Risk & Muscle Properties.

Provides you with fitness plans.

View sample report.




30 insights, 135 genes tested.

Report tests for Vitamin Deficiency, Mineral & Nutrient Deficiency, Weight Management & Food Sensitivities.

Provides you with diet plans and customised supplements.

View sample report.



About Alina Uchida, Product Development Director

Alina has over ten years’ experience as a Clinical Western Herbalist & Aromatherapist. She spent her first three years of private practice in her hometown Sydney, Australia, at the holistic Life Natural Healing Clinic, where she consulted private and corporate clients. Her passion for natural medicine, wellness education and entrepreneurship led her to found “Abundant Earth” in the heart of Singapore’s CBD in 2004. The concept store – specialising in providing customised health & wellness solutions based on medicinal herbs & premium quality essential oils, combined with a natural healing clinic and educational space – was a first for Singapore.

Since then, she has consulted for, created, developed, and managed personal care & wellness brands for various local lifestyle companies such as TWG, The Health Club, Hadara Aesthetic Boutique, HIC and Little Green Dot. Alina is an informative speaker and presenter for natural health and beauty. She has been a regular voice on the airwaves on Gold 90.5FM, where she presented weekly natural health tips and advice.

In addition to her private practice and operating “Abundant Earth”, Alina enjoys sharing and empowering people with the knowledge of natural self-care and preventative health care. Her rare combination of clinical, technical & creative experience brings fresh perspective and relatable insights to her talks. She regularly facilitates educational sessions and hands-on workshops for Abundant Earth, NTUC Learning Hub, UOB and other lifestyle brands. Alina has been with “Imagene Labs” since March 2016.


Where does my sample go?

Your samples are processed by Molecular, our genetic testing facility located in Singapore. Molecular offers the highest level of microarray testing services. It is the first lab to receive Illumina Propel Certification in Asia Pacific, and the third worldwide. In addition, Molecular is ISO17025 certified, and licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

What do you do with my sample?

We use Illumina DNA microarray technology that has been developed in collaboration with several leading research institutions. This chip contains highly-informative, genome-wide markers found across diverse world populations, and allows us to quickly and easily sample your DNA for unique genetic predispositions. All samples are processed by Molecular, our genetics testing facility, to stringent and exacting quality standards required of medical diagnostic laboratories.

Will you share my data with anyone?

Your privacy is important to us. Your information is only accessible to a limited number of persons who have special access rights, and are required to keep the information confidential. All sensitive information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. We will not sell, trade, or transfer your information without your prior consent.

When and where can I view my reports?

Once your reports are ready, you will receive an email with a password protected link, that will allow you access your personalised reports. Your reports should be ready to access within 14 working days from our lab receiving your saliva samples.

How accurate are the results?

Samples run within our lab have demonstrated a 99.5% level of concordance compared with other accredited diagnostic facilities. This high level of concordance gives us the confidence that we are processing your samples to the stringent and exacting quality standards of a medical diagnostic laboratory.

Why do I need to register my kit?

Registering your unique bar code number (found on your saliva collection tube), connects your sample to your user account. Please ensure that you complete registration prior to returning your sample to us, otherwise we may not be able to process your sample.

 How can this test help me?

Knowing your DNA profile helps you make better buying and lifestyle choices when it comes to skin care, your diet, and fitness plan. This saves you time and money compared to guess work, or one size fits all solutions. You can share you DNA insights with your wellness or beauty professional, and work together to create a customised programme that is truly yours.

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