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About Sunsand

Sunsand distributes 100% organic sheets and towels. They are made from the most pure and soft organic cotton, making them extremely breathable and a comfort your skin will love. Sunsand is a Certified Organic, Fair trade certified and 100% sustainable manufacturer. They are working with an organisation in India with their focus on building sustainable communities. Sunsand is available to purchase at InnerOrigin.

The Truth about Thread Count

Seriously, what is thread count? We’re going to fill you in on a little secret: high thread count does not always mean high quality. Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric.

The number is based on the threads woven horizontally (“weft”) and vertically (“warp”). The maximum amount of threads possible to a square inch is between 400 and 500. If the thread is higher than that, multi–ply thread is being used.


Single-Ply Cotton Yarn or Thread

Single-Ply threads means that there is only one strand of yarn per thread. The highest quality threads when it comes to cotton bed sheets are single-ply.

The other important factor is to have long staple threads. They can be woven into a much finer and stronger yarn. This produces a super soft, light and long-lasting sheet, that’s breathable and only contains natural fibres making for a better night’s sleep.


Two-ply or 2-ply Cotton Yarn or Thread

Two-ply yarns means, two strands of yarns were twisted together in each thread.

What often happens is some brands will count their two-ply yarn twice, which means that 600 thread count sheets could actually be 300 two-ply, or 200 three-ply threads. By twisting multiple threads together, you are then able to fit more threads into one inch. An inflated thread count will most likely result in a heavier, less breathable and less durable bed sheet.

Multi-ply threads can often be short and low quality. They can be too weak to be woven alone, so they are reinforced by twisting them together to create mutli-ply.

Multi- ply is not always an indicator of poor quality thread. In many fabrics, thicker, multi-ply threads is desirable – like in knit-wear. But not as far as cotton sheets are concerned.

In summary, a 1000 thread count sheet is almost of poorer quality than a 300 thread count. Cheap, mutli-ply threads are jam-packed together with the goal of achieving a high thread count. It can be cheaper to produce, and it is way of using cheap unwanted cotton.

A 300 thread count sheet that uses single-ply, high quality yarn, in comparison will be light, soft and much more durable. Sunsand will deliver this high quality result, providing you with valuable linen.