By Nahaia Russ N.D., Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, and founder of Nahaia Active Organics

We’ve struck gold, and want to share its many beautifying benefits through our natural skincare range, Nahaia Active Organics. Our collection of products works together to unlock the skincare secrets of gold, harnessing its sensuous, rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties to help people look and feel more beautiful. Gold was an easy choice for us, as Nahaia Active Organics products and treatments follow a philosophy of love, transformation and nurturing. gold’s natural, nourishing properties, plus its undeniable allure, make it the perfect fit. After all, gold is visually enchanting as well as natural, non-toxic and anti-inflammatory, and is even being used to diagnose and treat conditions like cancer and arthritis. Gold has been sought after and treasured across the globe for thousands of years and is far more rare than other coveted jewels like diamonds. long before modern medicine started to harness gold’s properties, it has been steeped in history, lore and legend. In Egypt, Tutankhamen’s tombs were filled with golden relics, and it’s said that cleopatra slept in a mask of pure gold to enhance her appearance.

Ancient Chinese and Roman civilisations are thought to have imbibed golden flakes to encourage youthfulness, while many used the precious metal for lavish decorations and to worship their gods. Our Nahaia Active Organics products use only the purest 24-karat colloidal gold to achieve the ultimate beauty boost. We believe this stimulates cells with energy that helps them regenerate, slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging, fights off free radicals and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, skin damage and sun spots, making skin look smoother, firmer and of course, younger. Then of course there’s the exquisite feeling that comes with splashing out on a gold product, or lying in the lap of luxury like an egyptian goddess having pure gold applied to your face. This act of indulgence will have you floating on cloud nine, feeling inspired and uplifted. The impact of gold on skincare is only just beginning, with more and more people catching on to the beauty secrets behind gold’s shimmer and sheen. Don’t miss out on its stunning effects – treat yourself and see how much you can shine with Nahaia Active Organics.

7 benefits of Nahaia Active Organics Gold Facial

1. Gold is non toxic and edible, and when blended with nahaia organic ingredients the 24kt gold facial is something of pure luxury. It provides anti-aging benefits to the skin with the stimulation and renewal of cells, without any nasty chemicals for your health and peace of mind.

2. Nahaia 24kt gold is 99.99% guaranteed pure. Unlike some other gold leaf that may have been mixed with other toxic metals you wouldn’t want to use on your skin, this precious metal gives you a feeling of unsurpassed luxury. It helps to improve your ‘self worth’ and an investment in ‘yourself’ is always remembered.

3. Gold is a ‘conductor’, and used with our unique love-in-essence spray included in the nahaia active organics 24kt gold facial and Micro Vita love, this energy is enhanced 10 fold by the gold conductivity, which gives a feeling of positive energy, peace and harmony to help re-balance your emotions.

4. Gold is thought to energize the cells, which is why it helps to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.

5. Nahaia 24kt gold leaf soaks into the skin for maximum absorption massaged with our liquid gold – nourishing oil that actually contains colloidal gold too! 6. traditionally thousands of years ago the egyptians used gold to preserve themselves in the tomb to reduce decomposition, also giving a magical element to the body after death. the element of gold is unsurpassed!

7. Gold has been proved to be useful in improving arthritic conditions and helping brain function by scientists researching alternative therapies for health.

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