Blog post provided by Angela Maree Smith, Naturopath & Founder of Intrametica

Boozy brunches and Friday night takeaways may never go out of style.  Neither will the love of a good vintage wine or fish and chips by the beach on a hot summer’s day. As much as we try to eat cleanly and exercise regularly, our urban lifestyle and busy schedule can get in the way of cooking wholesome foods for ourselves as we opt for a more convenient dinner on our way home from the office. Over time, this impacts our health, with our skin and our energy levels suffering because of it. 

We can still enjoy our busy lifestyle but let’s face it, it’s what we do 6 out of the 7 days a week that gives us balance, and helps us relax and is a more realistic way of living – the 80/20 rule.  Be the best you can be 80% of the time and give yourself some time out to indulge to keep the sanity. 

However, if you find your lifestyle is catching up with you and you’re feeling a little sluggish and lacking lustre, your skin is breaking out and you are gaining weight, you may need to love that liver of yours a bit better and support your body’s detoxification processes while replenishing your gut flora. 

Intrametica’s organic and natural Purify Body Cleanse (organic mixed berry flavour) food powder will help you turn this around so you can regain your inner beauty and continue functioning at your peak. 

High performance products for high performance people – Packed with certified organic wholefoods and plant fibres to target liver and bowel cleansing, Purify Body Cleanse is designed to support healthy skin from within by promoting blood purification and assisting the removal of toxins from your body.  We have included proprietary and clinically proven botanical actives, Black Rice & Cactus Flowers to help relieve blemishes and balance hormones which has the added benefit of also supporting hormone related hair fall. 

Milk Thistle seeds and fruits, Diatomaceous Earth (sourced from Australia), Kiwi fruit and skins (sustainably sourced in New Zealand), Green Banana Resistant Starch Fibre (from North Queensland), Turmeric, Chlorella, Broccoli Sprouts with organic and wild-crafted wholefoods, berries and spices and probiotics gently nourish and rebalance the body.  Marshmallow and Sarsaparilla together with Vitamin A and Vitamin D from organic mushrooms, glutamine, glycine, vitamin C, zinc and selenium deliver a nutritional power house to get you back on your game in no time and support your energy and clarity.

Intrametica’s Purify Body Cleanse formulation is the ultimate prebiotic and probiotic superfood combination to weed, seed and feed your gut microbiome and bring on a new phase of inner health.  Look and feel great from the inside out with Purify Body Cleanse!  Combine with Toned Protein Boost for plant sourced omega 3’s and 6’s for extra Beauty Food (the combo tastes delicious!)

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