Celebrate Pet Week 2018

Blog post provided by Helen McNall from Wellbeing for Dogs

About Wellbeing for Dogs

Wellbeing Essentials provides the missing essential micronutrients your dog needs. Dogs thrive on real food from the kitchen but they have some different nutrient needs to us. Wellbeing Essentials takes the guesswork out by providing these often low or missing nutrients. Veterinarian endorsed. Our purpose is to improve the way we nourish our dogs, one bowl at a time, through education, inspiration and a helping hand.

Wellbeing Essentials is 22 natural and wholefood ingredients blended together to supply these missing or low vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and prebiotics that dogs require in their diet for long term health and vitality. Affectionately called ‘doggie dukkah’, or magic powder it is delicious to dogs and easy to use, just add the required spoonful to their dinner bowl.

Real Food Made Easy

Those first steps getting started on real food – home cooking for the fur kids – can be daunting so I thought I would share some popular tips – starting with the freezer.

I love chicken stock, bone broth by another name, and always have some in the freezer to use in cooking – it makes everything delicious and just that bit better for you and your dog. However having the goodies to put into the stockpot (or slow cooker) can be challenging to start so I keep a plastic bag in the freezer that all my leftover bits go into:

  • chicken bones, skin, cartilage – cooked or raw.
  • raw vegetables such as:
  • ends/stalks of mushrooms
  • green tops of the shallots
  • parsley stalks
  • leftover celery
  • anything indeed that I think would work in the stock pot. I love asparagus and hate throwing away the ends I break off, so into the freezer bag.
  • bacon rind
  • egg shells!
  • Nothing mouldy, but limp is ok.

When it is time to make stock I have a full bag and need only to add some fresh ingredients. It’s as easy as…

  • Dried Shitake mushrooms are one of my favourite additions to the stockpot boosting health benefits and the ‘umami’ that dogs and humans love.
  • Low and slow gets the collagen from the bones – the good stuff for gut, skin, nails, and if the internet is to be believed, it is the elixir of eternal youth
  • An acid such as apple cider vinegar (a couple of dessertspoons in the pot) helps extract the minerals from the bones.

Seriously I cook everything I can in stock. Any grains that are cooked by absorption, sauteed vegetables, reductions, sauces, soups. Deliciously tempting for the fussy eater however for dogs with gut challenges it is the real deal. It is my go-to for any dog who is health compromised. And their humans!

It might sound self-evident but Food from your kitchen will always be better than industrial Pet Food. Foods that we eat (and Wellbeing Essentials too) are all human foods and consequently come under much stricter requirements for health and safety, provenance, tracking etc. The Petfood industry is self-regulated, and as such, we rely on their ‘goodwill’. Is it ever really safe? The recent sad news of the dogs with Megaoesophagus linked to Advance Dog food (Dermocare) is a case in point.

Industrial food system is not your friend, ever. You are your dog’s guardian; the checks and balances are with you. “The proof is in your pet” is an unfortunate tagline for Advance Dog Food under the circumstances.

Real food + Wellbeing Essentials = simple and so so good. Your dog’s enduring health and wellbeing is the proof.

Wellbeing for Dogs is available at InnerOrigin