Blog post by Emily Ings, Kynd Scent

You might be surprised (we were!) to learn that natural scents don’t always behave the same way synthetic fragrances do. In fact they’re different in a few significant ways and when we discovered this it made us love them even more. In this article we’d love to share what you can expect from your 100% natural, oil perfume

1. It’s not over-powering

Perfumes made from 100% natural ingredients with an oil base (rather than alcohol) are smooth and subtle. Extracting scents from botanicals is a lot more difficult without the use of chemical processes, and so the result is a much more authentic and intimate scent. The whole room may not smell your fragrance (which many will be happy about, read The Truth About Conventional Perfumes) but you and whoever is lucky enough to get close with you certainly will. We think this makes a natural perfume even more special.

2. It won’t necessarily be clear

None of the perfumes in our KYND Scent range appear clear – because the natural ingredients we use are not clear. It was important to us to keep the integrity of these premium ingredients rather than try to ‘hide’ them. If your perfume gets a little cloudy, that’s perfectly normal. A little shake from time to time can be helpful, and of course all scents appear clear when rolled on the skin. Real plants behave the way nature intended and we’re proud to celebrate this rather than cover it up.

3. It won’t last for hours and hours on end

When we first began to try out natural fragrances that were already on the market we were so disappointed with how long the actual fragrance stayed on the skin. It seemed like you’d apply generously, only to not smell the scent just half an hour later. This was something we worked HARD to overcome as we felt that performance was critical. Whilst a natural perfume will never compete with a synthetic fragrance in relation to stickability (they contain a plethora of chemicals designed to help them cling to the skin) we feel like we have come a long way! Our perfumes will typically last for 5-6 hours easily, and we find that taking a moment to pause, reapply and breathe is a wonderful way to recompose ourselves during a busy day.

4. The scent can change

This is maybe our favourite part about 100% natural perfumes; they can become your own. Each fragrance reacts with the wearers skin, meaning that scents can smell slightly different depending on who is wearing it. They can also seem to change over the time they’re worn with particular ingredients lifting earlier than others. It’s amazing to smell the scent evolve as you wear it and we believe it feels quite personal and intimate to experience a fragrance and your own skin come together to create something unique. Our perfumes can also change slightly from batch to batch depending on seasonal ingredients and the composition of ever-changing botanicals, and we find that very exciting!

So that’s what you can expect from your natural perfume. It’s not boastful or exact; rather it’s a real and modest celebration of mother nature and everything she has gifted us.

Written by Emily Ings, Co-Founder of KYND Scent . Kynd Scent is available at