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As the world continues to spin, more and more Self-Tanning products are being released into the tanning-sphere. From instant colour to gradual builds, spray on to foams, lotions to waters – it is getting to the point where It’s difficult to pick the right product for YOU. But, we want to take the hassle out of this situation and help you determine the right match for you. So, let’s do just that! Check out all the below information on our award-winning, Certified Vegan Zuii Organic tanning range.


If you’re someone who is a little hesitant about tanning, then this is the product for you. Take it from someone who had never tanned in their entire life before but wanted to give it a red-hot crack. Because now, I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with this product. I use it nearly every day, and since starting to do just that, I have had the most incredible bronzed glow (a glow that I get complimented on quite a bit about, if I’m allowed to toot my own horn. I think the best part about this product is that it is gradual – meaning that you control your level of tan. It is completely customisable. Apply every day for a more intense tan, or do it every third day as a tan maintenance – the choice is completely in your hands. And another major bonus – it holds all the same properties as your regular daily moisturiser would. So, you get a gorgeous glow AND skin benefiting properties, sign me up! (Again, as someone that uses this product, I could not recommend it more highly!)

SOME OF THE KEY BENEFITS TO KNOW: Certified organic and bamboo. Offering a completely customisable tan – the level of tan depth is up to you. Infused with bamboo to add intense nourishment to the skin. Non-transferable and non-comedogenic. Providing the same benefits as a daily moisturiser.


For the simplest description, this is the face equivalent of our Gradual Tan Body Lotion. The major difference between the two? The colour depth is a lot less intense. Being applied to your face, we didn’t want the colouring to be so intense that your bronzed glow goes from 2 to 25 overnight! Instead, we lessened our DHA (natural colourant active) inclusion to allow for a lighter development. Just like the GTBL, this face lotion holds all of the same properties that your current everyday facial moisturiser holds – this time though, without any of those damaging chemicals and synthetic ingredients. That’s right – incredibly hydrating, ultra moisturising, working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles… all while adding a beautiful glow! Yes please! Add this one into the daily routine, substitute out the synthetic moisturiser and your skin will be thanking you for it in just a few short days.

SOME OF THE KEY BENEFITS: Certified organic and vegan. A gradual tan development. Beautiful flora scent. Providing the same benefits as a daily facial moisturiser. No-orange and no-streaks ever. Working in harmony with your skin tone to provide the most natural glow.


If you’re the type of person of doesn’t enjoy creams or lotions, then our Tan Face Water is for you. Like the product name states, this is a water-like serum (almost like a light gel) which is applied to your face to enhance that beautiful glow. Designed specifically for those of us that naturally have more oily-skin, this formula doubles as a skin treatment – counteracting oil and controlling shine one applied. In my opinion, this is a real hero product. It provides a beautiful glow to the skin, but it genuinely treats the skin with each application. It smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it adds hydration and moisture, it enhances that gorgeous glow AND it doubles as a toner. You can use it as a tan goody, or as a toner under your makeup – it really is your choice of use. I use this one on a daily basis, and I am in love with this. My skin has never looked better or felt better, an it is so easy to use. And I mean, if a never-used-tan-products-before-amateur can love it this much, then I can guarantee you will as well!

SOME OF THE KEY BENEFITS: Certified organic and vegan. Super lightweight water/gel-like serum. Speedy application that fits into your daily routine. A tan enhancer OR a makeup must-have. Zac’s hero product… what more do we need to say?

They are our key Tan players, broken down to help you pick your perfect match! Every product is certified organic, as well as certified vegan – and the results are so incredible I cannot justify them through a blog post. We have all the bases covered, and now the ball is in your court. Go forth with confidence and find your perfect Zuii Organic tanning match! If you have any questions or require any more information on a product that you’re looking towards purchasing, please reach out and send Team Zuii a message. Be that through our website chat, email, Instagram, Facebook – whichever you prefer, someone will be able to help you out!

Let’s get that glow going and shine all Summer long!