Cleans with Just Water!

White Magic was established in 2003 to bring effective eco cleaning products to the Australian and New Zealand market. The owners of White Magic were concerned about the amount of harsh chemicals that were being used in day-to-day cleaning, so when they found a little sponge that worked like an eraser to remove stubborn marks with only water – White Magic was born.

From humble beginnings, White Magic now has an eco cleaning product to clean every surface in the home that really work. White Magic is a brand dedicated to quality and innovation which is very important in a world of cleaning gimmicks: White Magic products have stood the test of time, being sold for over 14 years.

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About Founder Craig Jones

Introducing Craig Jones, Director of JTY Imports/Exports Pty Ltd.

Craig is a Brisbane boy (and parochial Queenslander) and studied Law and Business at University. He taught English in Taiwan for 1 + ½ years between Bachelor and Masters degrees.

Craig joined JTY at the age 23 and has been running JTY since he was 31 when he bought out his previous 3 business partners. Craig and his wife, Sylvie, have two beautiful kids (Ethan (9) and William (6)). Both kids have suffered from Asthma related illnesses so they had to clean with non-chemical based agents in the home and can testify first hand about the harshness and health effects of chemical cleaners. He is always on the search for sustainable and chemical free cleaning and preservation options.

JTY proudly has 8 Chickens in the back of the warehouse which were saved from a battery farm. Craig is a self confessed workaholic but when he wants to relax he likes to watch and play sports. His loves in life – Family, Queensland Sports Teams and White Magic Employees!

Why use White Magic?

White Magic is an Eco Cleaning brand that sell cleaning products that really work. All products are chosen using 3 essential criteria:

  1. Are they better for the environment than the market leading product?
  2. Do they really work to clean the mark or stain?
  3. Are they great value for money?

White Magic is an Australian owned business that has been selling products in the Australian and New Zealand market for over 14 years, and has built its reputation of quality, innovation and effectiveness of its products during that time.

What do they specialise in?

White Magic specialised in all parts of the eco cleaning story. Our eraser Sponges use micro abrasion to remove stubborn marks fro any smooth surface with only water. Our Eco Cloths were voted by Choice Australia as the best in 2010 and clean any hard surface and can be machine washed over 300 times.The Famous Spin Mop uses the power Microfibre + a patented spinning bucket to remove water and dirt from the mop head. Finally, our Eco Clean liquids are made from natural plant based ingredients that clean, sanitise and leave a fresh scent behind.

  • Blog post provided by Craig Jones, White Magic

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