A message from Co Founder COO Sally-Anne Ferguson on International Womens Day

“We are living through one of the most transformational eras for women globally. An era where women are choosing to be confident, intelligent, creative and strong, and most importantly learning to be comfortable with her own self worth and self value.

As we women continue to choose to value our selves, it takes an army of men to support that too. So thank you to all of of the men that are holding that respectful energy, and encouraging women to step forward and shine.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded my whole life by men who have only ever believed in me. At times when I have not believed in myself, they have pulled me aside and told me to stand up for what I deserve, and go for it. So a huge thank you especially to my Dad and my brother for setting that standard for me early in life, and now also InnerOrigin Co–Founder David Nomchong.

To be the female co-founder of InnerOrigin is an absolute honor and a privilege. Today we have thousands of female entrepreneurs that have chosen to become an Independent Advocate of InnerOrigin, operating their own home based business. To each and everyone of you, I completely honor and respect you! Your amazing efforts, fun energy, hard work, and for the incredible choices you make everyday. I feel so grateful to be able to share in each of your journeys, even if in only the smallest of ways.

As a wellness marketplace, we are empowered with merchant suppliers who formulate, create and manufacture the most incredible wellness products. So many of you too are women! Building yourselves a business with passion, and positively impacting the world with your brilliant creations. You blow me away with your desire and courage. I truly celebrate you.

Women without question are leading the world to choose wellness, simply by the personal choices they make. Among customers shopping with InnerOrigin so many are women who are making the decision on behalf of their household to care about what we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, and the importance of what we use in and around our homes.

So to the women of Australia, New Zealand and around the world, I want to say – support your entrepreneurial friends choosing to have and create their own business. Your friend has value to offer you, and it took her tremendous courage to step up and build herself a business. More than anything she is striving for a better future for herself and her family, and she is choosing to grow as a person. She is often building herself a business, so that she can better balance her time, and be able to actively show up in the best possible way to all of her responsibilities – as a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and also bring an income into her household. Her business is her vehicle to impact the world in something that she is so passionate about, and that alone is a truly a gift to us all.

So when you come across a woman creating a product, offering a service, or a woman sharing and promoting her business – choose to support her. When we women choose to support each other, we help to support the growth our friends self worth, her self esteem, and help her achieve the success she deserves. It is that woman you choose to support that is actually creating the change our world needs for future generation to thrive.

So whatever journey or path your fellow women are on right now in their life, simply choose these four things – Celebrate them, Support Them, Encourage Them and Believe in Them.
To recognise International Women’s Day today, March 8th 2018, we are celebrating all of the women in our community. Some of our exceptional Advocates have shared their stories with us.”

Rachel Prest – 1 Star Advocate, NSW

“I am passionate about all things natural, sustainable and eco friendly. I love inspiring and connecting with others in meaningful ways. I value good health and wellness. InnerOrigin epitomises everything that is deeply important to me; good quality products, honesty, transparency on label, sustainable practices, supporting locals, connection, community and abundance for all.

I was looking for a passive income business that I was passionate about and could fit in and around my family and my current fashion business. A business that still allowed me to do enjoy the important things like family, friends, getting outdoors and travelling. I am a wife, solo-preneur and busy mum of 2 school aged children. InnerOrigin perfectly fits around my life – in fact it has allowed me to re-connect with many friends and make new lifelong connections. I love surrounding myself with like-minded people who are passionate about health and helping others as I am and with InnerOrigin I am doing just that. I love having the freedom and flexibility working from home (or anywhere really). Juggling 2 businesses and a family I need to be super organised – taking care of me takes priority plus having a daily, weekly and monthly plan.

Delegation has been key to growing my business at home, it is something that I have had to learn but I have realised that my time is better spent doing what I do best so cleaning, gardening and some admin tasks are taken care of by others. Working in partnership with my advocate team and using their strengths to host health and wellness events and workshops in our community has also been key to growing my InnerOrigin business and my networks. Working very closely on a weekly basis with my team leaders and making the effort to attend training events have been imperative to my InnerOrigin business.”


Jodie Cowdrey – Founding Advocate, WA

“I joined InnerOrigin in November 2016 becoming a Founding Advocate when we only had a handful of products to view and a vision. I had always asked the questions “why don’t we have rules to protect the consumers?” “How can dangerous products be aloud on the shelves?”

I just didn’t get it… I still don’t but when I had the opportunity presented to me I thought “finally a company that gets it!” I had gone through my own health journey issues after competing in bodybuilding competitions and had realised the value of my own health. One day I’m a fit sponsored athlete rocking life the next I’m struggling to get out of bed feeling like death. I realised I hadn’t considered my health I thought “skinny” was health, I was very very wrong so when I saw InnerOrigin, I knew I needed to be part of a community that I could learn from and also help others in their health and wellness journeys.

InnerOrigin fits well into my lifestyle, I homeschool my 7 year old daughter and had given up my job taking exercise classes to start homeschooling, so InnerOrigin was a great way to have the best of both worlds. It feels great to be able to still contribute to the family finances, learn be at home with my daughter and have adult conversation I’m sure Mums will appreciate how exciting that can be some days.

When it comes to building my business I’ve found pantry previews have been a great asset to my business. It doesn’t even have to be big, mini pantry previews with a few friends over coffee letting people try, taste, smell when people see how great the products are.

I set my diary up monthly for all my calls, events etc and adjust weekly/daily. Being a mum I rarely have a “perfect” working day and I’m learning to be ok with this. I have just set a rule for myself that I must do something everyday for my InnerOrigin business no matter how small it’s about keeping in motion for me and showing myself it’s a priority… so even if days don’t go to plan keep going.

I think the greatest thing I’ve done for my business is genuinely using the products in my everyday life as our actions speak louder then words when people see you using these products everyday they want to know why. Getting access to products you know are safe is to me the greatest part of being involved with InnerOrigin taking the stress over what to buy and never knowing if what you are buying is safe and now having one place that is safe and convenient ticks all the right boxes for me and being an Advocate means I get to now share it with the people I love and make an income while making an impact.”

Susanna Amalia – 2 Star Advocate, WA

“I was attracted to InnerOrigin from day one. Why? Because I trust that the products on the platform are safe for my family and for the planet. All the products are approved by a professional board that cares about people’s health and wellness. InnerOrigin has created a community of likeminded people that are all working towards the same goal to protect us from getting sick. I love the concept of creating a better world for our children and grandchildren. InnerOrigin is opening the doors to people that care about living in a beautiful country like as Australia, and caring for each individual’s wellbeing. This is why I own a business with this amazing company.

Having an Advocate business with InnerOrigin works for me as I am a Nutritionist and Raw and Vegan Coach. I am able to introduce all the products that we have to all my clients, students, friends and community groups. Every time I have a class, I explain to people that the best way to make a difference in your life is to shop from InnerOrigin. My friends and colleagues love the products and I am so happy to share wellness with them in this way.

I run periodical in-house presentations, Pantry Previews at my Advocate’s homes and periodical
presentations focusing on the products that we use for our best health and wellbeing. I educate them by showing videos of the company and promote the products. I work well with many people in the InnerOrigin Community. I have been asked to be a Keynote Speaker at seminars in Health and Wellness because of my business.

I am so excited as InnerOrigin has opened the doors for me to be part of a wider community of likeminded people. Thank you InnerOrigin for allowing me to assist many people to gain health and wellness. This is only the beginning,  I am looking at many years of being part of InnerOrigin and the whole Community.”