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Shifting gears and setting up a home-based office or study space?

As you’re settling into a new rhythm and routine for your workdays while transforming home into a place of work, essential oils can play a big part in home office support.

Transitioning can take a little getting used to though. It’s inevitable that your productivity and attention may be struggling right now.  As you hunker down with new home office and study habits, Lively Living’s essential oils can help you keep your focus, perk up your productivity and help you settle in.

Don’t go it alone! Meet these three essential oil blends you’ll love hanging out with:

Focus Blend

As you absorb changes in routine, adjust to new home office set ups and systems while delivering on work demands, our Focus blend is an office or study accessory you’ll want to keep close. It’s one of our most popular Lively Living Everyday Essentials Collection oil blend for good reason – it keeps your thoughts clear and helps you concentrate with clarity.

Focus combines:

Lemon – great for improving concentration and attention

Rosemary – perfect for memory retention, revision and attentiveness

Peppermint – enlivens your senses and promotes feelings of energy

Geranium –offers support if you’re struggling with fatigue, anxiety or depression

Sage Dalmatian – soothes impacts of emotional exhaustion and mental fatigue, memory loss and headaches while clarifying your mind

Work And Study From Home With Essential Oils

Harmony Blend 

As you settle into your home office, or online study systems you’ll want to present yourself in a focussed and centred way. All of this change may have knocked you off tilt a little, so Lively Living’s Harmony blend  gets to work fast putting you at ease, and helping you feel secure and comfortable so you can stay on task.

Harmony integrates:

Bergamot – generates a feeling of calmness and soothes nervous tension, stress and anxiety

Cedarwood – a rejuvenating aroma that helps improve focus and memory

Style your home school or home office space 

The easiest way to experience aromatherapy and instantly calm and uplift your home office and study space is with ultrasonic diffusers. A diffuser joins forces with your favourite essential oils to trigger emotional, mental and physical responses within your body.

Advanced cool mist technology disperses your preferred essential oil blend through your home office safely, and naturally. And Lively Living’s range of stylish diffusers help you match your personal décor, room size and desk configuration.

Lively Living’s Aroma Diffusers and Vaporisers are stylish home office and study space accessories that will uplift your spirits and refresh your air. Your new workspace deserves some stylish spoiling right now. 

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