10th April 2019 – In an age of increasing consumer awareness surrounding transparency of ingredients in products, award-winning Australian wellness business; InnerOrgin has pioneered this trend in Australia requiring that brands they stock declare all ingredients in their products, and have them assessed by InnerOrigins Expert Advisory Board.

No exception to this is fragrance brands available via the InnerOrigin platform, which can traditionally find themselves in a ‘grey-area’ with regards to complete disclosure relating to arguably ambiguous ingredients.

Knowing what’s in, on and surrounding our bodies is becoming increasingly important to consumers, it’s no surprise that reports from Label Insight and Food Marketing Institute suggest 75% of shoppers would switch to a brand that provides more product details and transparency.

Perfume is one particular product that is lacking in requirement for disclosure of what sits behind one key ‘ingredient’: ‘Fragrance.

Products that contain the word ‘Fragrance’ can contain many ingredients, including chemicals of concern, such as phthalates. Synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals can cause migraines, nausea, lung irritation and skin sensitivity. None of which have to be disclosed.  

Bloomberg recently reported, “a 2018 report from Breast Cancer Prevention Partners listed big name perfumes among those that contain chemicals with long term problems. It says many synthetic chemicals disrupt the endocrine system, contribute to asthma, and can affect fetal development when pregnant women are exposed.

It’s not just ‘new-age’ consumers looking for answers and facts when it comes to what is contained in the products they buy, even Hollywood stars are starting to stand up and pay attention; Michelle Pfeiffer’s has recently launched her fragrance start-up, which discloses all its ingredients to attest their safety.

In response to this, Sally-Anne Ferguson, CEO InnerOrigin has welcomed getBARE, exclusively available through InnerOrigin. A completely natural perfume, providing complete transparency regarding the ingredients it has. getBARE perfumes include natural and organic essential oils with a fermented sugar spirit.

Keira Kulupac, founder of getBARE, which is stocked exclusively at InnerOrigin said: “One of the best benefits natural perfume can provide is just that – it’s 100% natural! Completely free from pesticides and chemicals which, when contained in cosmetics, can be absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. “

“We chose this blend over other alcohol combinations on the market because it is unadulterated and the most natural and longest lasting way to preserve our perfume. The oils and scents of these unfiltered, living perfumes will continue to infuse, making the scent stronger and longer-lasting over time. Like a fine scotch, getBARE Perfumes are designed to get better with age and are sure to naturally intoxicate any wearer with their nuanced fragrance. ” Keira said.

“InnerOrigin nurtures its wellness brands, to grow together, getBARE is absolutely no exception. It’s great to see public figures with huge influence, such as Michelle Pfeiffer working to educate the public about the truth behind ‘hidden ingredients’ and the potential damage they can cause.

“I thrive working with brands that look out for each other, the industry’s reputation, the consumer and the planet” says Sally-Anne

“InnerOrigin is an online platform for total wellness – offering products that support, not hinder health. There is nothing I don’t love about InnerOrigin!” said Therese Kerr, InnerOrigin Ambassador

People looking to check out InnerOrigin’s product portfolio of 100% natural products, which have each been approved by its advisory board’s strict criteria, can head to www.innerorigin.com for more information.